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Intel Sued Under Wiretapping Laws for Tracking User Activity on its Website

Intel is facing a class-action suit in Florida that accuses the company of violating the 2020 Florida Security of Communications Act, which states that it is illegal to intentionally intercept an individual’s electronic communications without the person’s consent, Threatpost reports. Lake County resident Holly Londers filed the lawsuit last month, alleging that Intel used a…
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Exploit for critical Windows flaw allows access to admin rights

A Windows vulnerability recently patched by Microsoft, registering a CVSS score of 10, could allow attackers instant access to Active Directory. The vulnerability (CVE-2020-1472) subverts Netlogon cryptography, providing a gateway to an enterprise’s internal network for an intruder to gain Domain Admin status with one click, according to a Secura blog post. “This flaw allows…

Why we need a federal data privacy law – and how CCPA sets the pace

The country needs to pass federal privacy legislation to establish a national standard for individual rights. Today, too many state laws exist, creating confusion and duplication. We need to create a national standard that would apply to all businesses and organizations. By not having a national standard, we miss the opportunity to establish a consistent…
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Critical VPN vulnerabilities pose danger to OT networks

The VPN approach for remote security may not be as secure as previously believed, new research has found. That’s particularly troubling, which is especially unfortunate given on the work-at-home reality brought on by COVID-19, according to a blog post from Claroty. Remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities affecting VPN implementations primarily used to provide remote access…
Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Adobe fixes 12 critical bugs in second round of July patches

Just one week after issuing its last batch of patches, Adobe Systems has issued additional security updates fixing 13 vulnerabilities, 12 of them critical out-of-bounds read or write flaws that can lead to arbitrary code execution in either Prelude, Photoshop or Bridge. One additional bug of “important” severity was all located in Mobile Reader, for…

First look: Pulse Secure Software Defined Perimeter

At a GlanceProduct: Pulse Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)Vendor: Pulse SecurePrice: $66 per user, based on 1,000-user purchase. What it does: Uses policies to apply granular application access rights based on the unique combination of a user profile and device type.What we liked: Flexibility and ease of deployment.The Bottom Line: The “zero trust” framework provides a…
Security News

#WatchOut children’s watch vulnerabilities have gotten

More than a year after announcing the #WatchOut vulnerabilities in Gator brand children’s smartwatches, researchers revisited the platform and found even greater vulnerabilities in Gator and other children’s smartwatch manufacturers. While the initial vulnerabilities spotted in October 2017 allowed unauthorized access, remote audio surveillance, location spoofing, and SOS compromise, recent tests conducted by the Pen…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Children’s smartwatches once again found vulnerable

China-based company MiSafe is once again making headlines with its unsecured products after a pen tester found that its child tracking smartwatches were found to be highly insecure. MiSafe previously made controversy after firm’s Mi-Cam baby monitors were found to be susceptible to unauthenticated access and hijacking of arbitrary baby monitors. Pen Test Partners researchers…
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