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Running in infosec
Database security, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Open S3 bucket exposes one million files of fitness brand V Shred

A misconfigured AWS S3 bucket at V Shred exposed more that one million files, including PII on 99,000 people associated with the fitness brand’s customers. Researchers at vpnMentor led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar discovered the open server and alerted the company, which apparently removed the file containing the most PII, but kept the…
Data Breach, Database security, Privacy & Compliance

OneClass unsecured S3 bucket exposes PII on more than one million students, instructors

An unsecured database belonging remote learning platform OneClass has exposed information associated with more than a million students in North America who use the platform to access study guides and educational assistance. “By not securing its users’ data, OneClass has created a goldmine for criminal hackers, jeopardizing the privacy and security of over a million…
vote network security
Election 2016 Cybersecurity Insights, Election Coverage, Government/Defense, Mobile Security, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Voatz mobile voting app vulnerable, MIT researchers say

On the heels of the voting app debacle during the Iowa Democratic caucuses, researchers at MIT have found multiple security- and privacy-related vulnerabilities in an online voting app, Voatz, used in West Virginia during the 2018 midterm elections and on track to be used again for the 2020 contests, according to a security audit released…
Facebook login bug lets attackers hijack accounts on Mashable, other sites
Database security, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Open dark web database exposes info on 267 million Facebook

An unsecured database on the dark web left the personal information of more than 267 million Facebook users, mostly in the U.S., exposed. Although the database, discovered by security researcher Bob Diachenko and Comparitech and traced to Vietnam, is now inaccessible, it laid bare names, phone numbers, timestamps and Facebook IDs and that information also…
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

PayMyTab database leaked PII on diners

An exposed database belonging to PayMyTab leaked PII on customers who dined at restaurants using the mobile payment system. An anonymous third party discovered the open AWS S3 bucket and brought it to the attention of researchers at vpnMonitor through Helen Foster, a partner at the Davis Wright Tremaine law firm in Washington. “This leak…
Leaks reveal the spy tactics which leveraged Wi-Fi in a major airport to track travelers.
Government, Government/Defense, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Leaky Autoclerk database exposes info on travelers, including military and gov’t personnel

A leak at Autoclerk, a reservations management system recently acquired by the Western Hotel & Resorts Group, exposed personal and travel information on hotel guests, including members of the U.S. government, military and Department of Homeland Security. “Our team viewed highly sensitive data exposing the personal details of government and military personnel, and their travel arrangements…
Cloud Security, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Open AWS buckets expose more than 200K CVs at two online recruitment firms

Unsecured AWS servers belonging to two online recruitment firms – U.S.-based Authentic Jobs and Sonic Jobs in the U.K. – have exposed more than 250,000 CVs of job candidates. Authentic Jobs, used by the likes of the New York Times and EY, took the biggest hit with 221,130 CVs exposed to the public, according to…
Leaks reveal the spy tactics which leveraged Wi-Fi in a major airport to track travelers.
Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Flight booking site Option Way exposed personal info on customers

A data breach at flight booking site Option Way exposed personal details on passengers and their flight and travel plans. Researchers at vpnMentor led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar were “able to access over 100 GB of data, a massive amount of customers’ unencrypted Personally Identifiable Information (PII),” including names, birth dates, gender email addresses,…
Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Unsecure Chtrbox AWS database exposes data on 49 million Instagram influencers, accounts

An unsecured Chtrbox database hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and discovered by security researcher Anurag Sen has exposed the records of more than 49 million Instagram influencers. Data scraped from the accounts include bios, account details like number of followers, location information, email addresses, phone numbers and profile pictures as well as a calculated…
Security News

Land of the giants – Cybersecurity in 2018

2018 threw some cybersecurity curve balls but it also looked a lot like 2017…only bigger. Teri Robinson reports. Once upon a time, a Starwood breach exposed 500 million customers… $3.2 billion was lost to phishing attacks… 2.3 billion account credentials were compromised… A ransomware attack on the Sacramento Bee exposed the records of 19.5 million…
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