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Allgress Insight Risk Manager

Tested by: Matthew Hreben & Katelyn Dunn Allgress provides automated and integrated IT security, compliance and risk management Solutions to organizations and their business partners to meet business risk objectives, without necessitating an army of consultants. The Insight Risk Manager platform is modular and includes third party vendor management, audit, security and compliance assessment, vulnerability…
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Carson & SAINT SAINT Security Suite 9.7

Carson & SAINT has designed SAINT Security Suite to help security teams easily manage their data. With the SAINT Security Suite, companies now view vunerability management as a business problem and use professional services such as compliance support, gap assessments and others to address it. This single, fully integrated solution conducts active, passive and agent-based…
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IBM Multi-Cloud Data Encryption

IBM Multi-Cloud Data Encryption takes a raid like approach, helping companies distribute encryption and centralized management to protect sensitive data in a single cloud, multiple clouds, and in hybrid environments. Its flexibility supports cloud IaaS scenarios and improves manageability. IBM’s Multi-Cloud Data Encryption is FIPS 140-2 compliant and offers its customers the flexibility to choose encryption…
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Tripwire Enterprise 8.7

Tripwire Enterprise ensures system availability and speeds up investigations through integrity monitoring that uses both agent and agentless methods to discover changes in real time before they become breaches and find the root cause of a compromise if a breach occurs. While the solution can be deployed physically, virtually on-premises or in the cloud, ultimately…
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CloudPassage Halo

CloudPassage provides users with cloud security posture management, vulnerability assessment, file integrity monitoring, configuration management, host log monitoring, host admin privilege management and application control. CloudPassage Halo can be applied to any workload form factor with any deployment model. The initial deployment can be completed in hours, with expansion in days. The auto-scaling grid keeps…
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Skybox Security Platform 10.0.200

Skybox Security Platform enhances scan data by applying compliance to the entire hybrid network and serving as a single source of truth of what happens after a vulnerability is found. It can be deployed on a hardware appliance, as a virtual appliance or installed via AMI through AWS. Organizations also can deploy it on VMware…
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Rapid7: InsightVM

Rapid7’s InsightVM is a designed to assess risk across your network and has the ability to bring all of your vulnerability information to a modern dashboard. InsightVM c can conduct regularly scheduled vulnerability scans of network devices, as well as integrate with container registries, AWS, Azure, DHCP, and VMWare to automatically discover new devices or containers as they’re added to the network.
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Recorded Future Platform

Recorded Future Threat Intelligence realizes security teams receive too many alerts but don’t have enough people to address them. This solution empowers organizations to make faster, more confident threat decisions by revealing unknown threats before business takes a hit. Machine learning, natural language processing and human analyst research combine to automatically collect and analyze structured…
Product Review Vulnerability Management

Tenable’s Nessus tool has been a mainstay in the vulnerability space. I haven’t met a security professional who hasn’t used Nessus at some point in their career.
Product Review

SAINT – Security Suite 9.5

SAINT Security Suite 9.5 combines active vulnerability scanning, content scanning, web application scanning, mobile assessments, network device firmware assessments, configuration auditing, penetration testing, social-engineering and reporting into a single, fully integrated solution. It can scale from small to large deployments and supports a variety of integrations. It can be deployed through a software download, virtual…
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