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What’s in your cloud?

The lack of visibility into the expanded cloud attack surface is a fast-growing problem that is only getting worse. Although we have seen misconfigurations in the cloud before, the Capital One breach is a sobering reality check for the security industry. We need to vastly improve threat detection and response in cloud environments. The attack…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Adapting the classical art of penetration testing to the cubist world of cloud

Many technical practitioners may believe that, at the end of the day, penetration testing is penetration testing. Proper penetration testing, however, is an art that must adapt over time. As an artist’s tools, materials, and media evolve, art evolves. With this evolution in “technology, techniques and approaches must change as well. Our “IT medium” has…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

The zero trust model explained

Zero Trust is more than a buzzword or a single product. Instead, it is a recognition that how we work has fundamentally changed and that we need to shift the way that we think about working securely. At its core, Zero Trust marks a move away from the binary security model that focuses on keeping…
Security News

What Good Is Foreknowledge?

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney was recently on NBC's Meet the Press where he said that the inevitability of another terrorist attack on American soil is as sure today as it was September 12.
Executive Insight, Security News

What cybersecurity can learn from bananas

Since the 1950s, the Cavendish banana has dominated the world market. Its thick skin makes it easy and stable to transport, and its flavor and seedlessness give it broad appeal. But the Cavendish banana’s lack of seeds is fast becoming its downfall. Without seeds, the Cavendish banana cannot reproduce naturally. It must be cloned. This…
Security News

Can You Trust Microsoft?

This year has seen Microsoft out and about wearing its shiny new security cap, proud of internal and external initiatives which it promises will bring about Bill Gates' defined goal of 'trustworthy computing.'
Opinion, SC Security Ops Center, Security News

Top five application security pitfalls to avoid

What are the common perils and pitfalls CISOs should consider when investing in corporate application security and Application Security Testing (AST)? Spending without holistic application inventory Shadow and legacy web-based systems, abandoned web services and APIs, expired SSL certificates, and unprotected cloud storage (e.g. AWS S3 buckets) adversely affect even the vast majority of FT 500…
Security News

Managing Passwords Without Compromising Security

Picture the scene: The 5,000 strong workforce of a multinational company are returning to work after a long and very enjoyable Christmas break and they're thinking about easing themselves back into the routine of work once more.
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