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Baltimore belatedly buys cyberinsurance

In what could be the poster child case for closing the barn door after the horse has left, the Baltimore City Council has approved the purchase of cyber insurance, six months after the municipality suffered a damaging ransomware attack. The Baltimore Sun reported the city conducted a bidding process and selected two plans. “The first…
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Maryland gov’t promises funds for Baltimore surveillance initiative

Included in the $21 million Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has promised to battle crime in Baltimore is funding for a surveillance program that would have a plane flying overhead recording the activities of people and vehicles. In a letter to the city’s Democratic mayor, Bernard C. “Jack” Young, Hogan wrote, “You have inherited a…
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Baltimore approves $10M for ransomware relief, expects $18M in damages

Baltimore officials approved using $10 million in excess revenue to cover ongoing expenses related to a ransomware attack that immobilized several of the cities computer systems in early May. The city’s budget office estimates the total cost of responding to the attack will be $18 million after threat actors demanded $80,000 in ransom to unlock the…
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Baltimore hackers taunt mayor, EternalBlue not used in attack

The hackers purportedly behind the Baltimore ransomware attack may be attempting to boost the pressure on the city to pay up as they have tweeted out some possibly sensitive information, additionally researchers have determined that the NSA hacking tool EternalBlue was not used in this attack. Eric Sifford, security researcher with Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit,…
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EternalBlue believed to be behind crippling Baltimore attack

Baltimore has battled the effects of a ransomware attack that started May 7 and now it seems that a familiar culprit, the National Security Agency (NSA) EternalBlue tool, known to exploit some versions of Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, is behind the city’s misery, which has included a shutdown of many vital systems and services.…
Ransomware, Security News

Google adds to Baltimore’s ransomware woes

A recent attempt by Baltimore government officials to create a workaround that would allow them to email while the city recovers from a ransomware attack was temporarily stymied by Google. Baltimore staffers had started to create Google Gmail accounts as a temporary replacement communication system. However, Google’s automatic security apparatus shut down the accounts as…
Ransomware, Security News

Baltimore city council forms committee to examine ransomware attack response

Ten days after Baltimore was hit with a ransomware attack that has effectively shut down large swathes of the city’s computer network the city council has created the Committee on Cybersecurity and Emergency Preparedness to examine how the municipality dealt with the situation. Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott announced the committee at a May…
Ransomware, Security News

Tweet may contain login credentials taken in Baltimore ransomware attack

Baltimore’s issues stemming from a May 7 Robbinhood ransomware attack are not only starting to impact some aspects of the city’s economy, but the security firm Armor came across a Tweet that may contain information gleaned from the Baltimore’s network. Eric Sifford, a security researcher with Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit, found a tweet dated May…
Ransomware attack
Ransomware, Security News

Baltimore will not pay ransomware demand: Mayor Young

Newly minted Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young said the city has no intention of paying the ransom demand set by the cyberattackers who have locked up a large portion of the city’s servers with Robbinhood ransomware. The Baltimore Sun obtained a copy of the ransom note which contained an a la carte demand list asking for…
Ransomware, Security News

Baltimore struck with Robbinhood ransomware, city servers down

Baltimore’s government computer system was hit reportedly with Robbinhood ransomware yesterday shutting down most of the city’s servers and forcing the city council to cancel meetings. The Baltimore Sun obtained a copy of the ransom note which contained an a la carte demand list asking for 3 bitcoins, about $17,600, to decrypt individual systems or…
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