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Dave ShinyHunters hack exposes 7.5 million user records

Overdraft protection and cash advance service Dave suffered a data breach that appeared to involve the practices of a former third-party vendor, resulting in its database containing 7.5 million user records being sold at auction and then released later for free on hacker forums. The stolen information, which appeared to be taken by hacking group…
Data Breach, Malware, Security News

Mathway breach latest caper for Shiny Hunters

While the Mathway breach in which 25 million email addresses and salted passwords were reportedly stolen didn’t hit the news until late last week, a recent statement by the company says that after receiving a tip, Mathway retained a leading data security firm to investigate and by May 15 confirmed that the company had been…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News

Collectibles app’s user credentials collected, posted on dark web forum

A post on a dark web hacking forum has exposed four million user credentials that were taken from Quidd, an app designed for trading collectibles featuring popular brands, entertainment properties and fictional characters. Risk-Based Security reported via a company blog post that its Data Breach Research discovered the pilfered data, which the forum is not…
Cryptocurrency, Cybercrime, Data Breach, Gaming, Security News

Stolen GateHub and EpicBot credentials spotted on hacking forum

Millions of credentials stolen from the GateHub cryptocurrency wallet service and gaming bot provider EpicBot were reportedly posted on popular hacking forum site RaidForums last month, along with other personal information. Roughly 2.2 million accounts were affected – 1,408,078 of which belong GateHub users, while 816,662 were created by EpicBot users, according to security researcher…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News

Prolonged Flipboard breach incident could make some users flip their lids

An unauthorized party accessed databases belonging to news and social network aggregation service Flipboard and possibly stole copies of certain users’ information. The illegal activity took place over a nearly 10-month span from June 2, 2018 through March 23, 2019, then paused before resuming on April 21 and 22 of this year, according to an…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security

Hacker has designs on Canva data, steals info belonging to 139M users

The graphic design website Canva was hacked last Friday in an data theft incident that reportedly compromised the data of approximately 139 million users. According to an online support page, Sydney-based Canva detected the attack while in progress on May 24, and immediately took action to fix the cause of the breach. Exposed data included…
Puush urges users to change passwords after cyber attack
Data Breach, Security News

Online security firm Abine suffers breach

The online privacy and password management firm Abine reported a data breach that exposed users names, emails and portions of their login credentials of those using its Blur product. Blur, which is owned by Abine Inc., became aware on Dec. 13, 2018, that information from users who had registered their accounts with the company before…
Data Breach

Under Armour: unauthorized third party accessed 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts

Under Armour notified MyFitnessPal users that an unauthorized third party accessed usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords in about 150 million accounts in late February,  The hashed passwords affected were in large part ones “with the hashtag function called bcrypt used to secure passwords,” the company said in an alert.  “The affected data did not…
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