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WatchGuard Firebox T80 vFireware OS 12.6.1

The WatchGuard Firebox T80 operates as an MSP-focused security platform that simplifies every aspect of security to make enterprise-grade security accessible to midmarket organizations. WatchGuard focuses on flexible integrations that seamlessly layer complex security services and assemble network traffic payloads. Sufficient protection against today’s digital threat landscape sometimes requires multiple services working together. WatchGuard combats…
electric power
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Is the electric grid closer to a devastating cyberattack that could mean lights out?

Could the electric grid really be taken down with a $50 device secreted in the bottom of a coffee cup as some researchers have claimed? Perhaps. But the more likely threat comes from bad actors with markedly improved capabilities who’ve ramped up their attacks on critical infrastructure and utilities. Consider that 70 percent of industrial…
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Cyber Criminals Targeting Remote Work to Gain Access to Enterprise Networks and Critical Data

Good threat intelligence can sift through mountains of data collected from sensors across the globe to provide insights into what is happening and what countermeasures need to be in place to defend against a dynamic threat environment. For example, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs just released its latest Global Threat Landscape Report covering the first half of…

Get ready for the next DDoS attack

When the first DDoS attack took place more than 20 years ago, the intent was to disrupt a university, not necessarily cause economic or physical damage. But it was so successful that we saw repeat attacks on major global websites, including Amazon, Yahoo and CNN. Today, DDoS has become one of the more damaging cyberthreats…
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Botnet abuses Docker servers and crypto blockchain to deliver Doki backdoor

As user organizations move more of their business infrastructure off premises, cybercriminals become increasingly motivated to target Linux-based cloud environments, including Docker servers with misconfigured API ports. And while cryptojacking schemes comprise some of the more conventional varieties of these Linux-based malware attacks, researchers have just disclosed the discovery of a Docker container attack that…
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New cryptominer botnet spreads payload, less intrusive

A new cryptocurrency-mining botnet attack called Prometei bypasses detection systems and monetizes its campaigns in less intrusive ways. It is the first time that anyone’s documented a multi-modular botnet, according to Talos, which discovered the botnet and dubbed it “Prometei.” The botnet, which has been active since March, spreads a payload to provide financial benefits…
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5 Ways Web Attacks Will Change Post-COVID

COVID-19 has accelerated changes in the way attackers hit web applications. Based on behaviors we observed during our research, we developed five predictions on how web application security will change as we come out of the COVID-19 period – and what security pros can do about it. 1. More sophisticated account takeover (ATO) attacks. The…
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