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Cybersecurity takes the stage

No longer just the concern of IT, cybersecurity is the bad boy headliner that dominates centerstage and all stages beyond.  Teri Robinson reports.  At the recent Lonestar Blues and Heritage Festival in, where else, Texas, fans bounced between the main stage where headliners strutted their stuff and the porch stage where more modest acts plucked their guitars – and…
Reboot Awards 2017

Rising Star – Marc Laliberte

Category: Rising Star Name: Marc Laliberte        Title: Information Security Threat Analyst  Company: WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. Profile: Marc Laliberte started off slowly as a Level-1 technician, but inside of his first year he blossomed into one of the industry’s most prolific researchers and writers. Laliberte made a direct impact on WatchGuard Technologies and the security industry…
Reboot Awards 2017

Threat Seeker – Darren Anstee

Category: Threat Seeker Name: Darren Anstee Title: Chief Technology Officer Company: Arbor Networks Why nominated: Anstee’s creation of ATLAS, a threat monitoring infrastructure that collects data from 400 network operators that handle about one-third of all internet traffic with a focus on tracking DDoS attacks. Profile: Darren Anstee joined Arbor Networks 14 years ago where he…

Mirai variant caused German telecom disruption; 5M routers reportedly susceptible if left unpatched

Service disruptions affecting nearly one million Deutsche Telekom landline customers since last weekend are the result of a worldwide cyberattack aimed at infecting routers with a variant of Mirai Internet of Things (IoT) botnet malware, German authorities and security researchers have now confirmed. The attack seeks to exploit a vulnerability in open remote-management ports found…

Waiting for DDoS

In football, many offensive plays are designed to trick the defense into thinking something else is about to unfold.

Power Players

These 10 women were selected for their longstanding contributions to the IT security space.

Book of Lists

Every December, we take a look back to gather up some of the year's biggest trends and some of the whackiest happenings in the cybersecurity space.
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