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IoT proliferation and widespread 5G: A perfect botnet storm

By now, we’ve heard the many promises of the 5G era. Organizations across industries are poised to take advantage of the enhancements 5G will bring to boost their products and services in ways that were difficult or expensive to achieve using 4G networks. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big part of this shift,…
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Evolving DDoS security toward self-defending networks

A new era of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks has arrived. In 2018 DDoS attacks broke the terabit barrier, and have become even more frequent and sophisticated (or vicious) as they now commonly combine several different attack techniques that vary — both in time and geographically — to maximize impact. Even the giants of…
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Bots vs. Bad actors: How to spot the difference and protect yourself

Hackers. Bots. Trolls. Cybercriminals. We’ve all heard these terms used – sometimes interchangeably – to describe alleged perpetrators of cyberattacks and other malicious online activity. But as social media grows as the cyberattack vector of choice, it’s important for businesses to understand and be able to recognize the differences so they can spot the real…
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The psychology of ransomware

While there is some debate over whether the number of ransomware attacks is rising, there is no arguing that the losses suffered by both public and private sector organizations have increased. Hardening your organization’s security posture requires an understanding not only of how ransomware works technically, but also how the attacks psychologically compel victims to…
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The silent rise of cryptojacking

The term “cyber breach” brings to mind customer data strewn across the internet, social security numbers permeating the dark web and major news headlines. While these types of far-reaching incidents are the most likely to generate concern for consumers and organizations, a recent study from the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance has flagged a new,…
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Using security orchestration to simplify IoT defense in depth

Even as the technology industry continues to scramble to protect personal computers, datacenters and other traditional IT systems from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, a new attack target has emerged – the Internet of Things (IoT). To protect their IoT applications from attack, organizations are working to adopt for the IoT the same cybersecurity strategy which has…
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How artificial intelligence is enhancing enterprise security

With more devices being introduced to the corporate network, enterprises are facing an onslaught of cyber security challenges as constant threats are becoming much more sophisticated and prevalent. The prospect of data breaches, loss of sensitive data, or network crashes forces corporations to implement security measures and build cyber security strategies to protect digital assets…
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Part 2 – Cooperative cybersecurity protection for large-scale infrastructure

Cyberthreats to infrastructure Click HERE for Part One Any cooperative effort that supports large-scale infrastructure protection must begin with an accurate perception of the real cyber risks that must be addressed. Experts understand that risk is measured by combining the probability of bad outcomes with the consequences of such outcomes. In the context of infrastructure…
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Winning the cybercrime arms race with AI

The arms race between cybercriminals and cybersecurity professionals continues to escalate. And anyone watching the trajectory of this perpetual game of one-upmanship can see that this is a race towards implementing AI in the service of each side’s goals. For instance, a report by Nokia revealed that AI-powered botnets look for vulnerabilities in Android devices,…
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Bots Are an Existential Threat to Our Economy

By Tiffany Olson Kleemann, CEO, Distil Networks In 1998, “Titanic” became the first movie to gross $1 billion, the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls won their sixth NBA championship, and President Bill Clinton was impeached but acquitted of wrongdoing in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It also was the year when bots – pieces of software that run automated tasks over…
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