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Cat burglar: Kitty cryptominer targets web application servers, then spreads to app users

Cat got your tongue? It also might be stealing your computer processing power, in order to mine Monero coins. According to researchers at Imperva, a newly uncovered, sophisticated cryptojacking malware nicknamed Kitty is attempting to infect web application servers by exploiting the recently discovered Drupalgeddon 2.0 remote code execution vulnerability that was patched last March.…
Executive Insight

Secur-IoT-y: what’s with the ‘o’?

Security for Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest concern for the paranoid security practitioners amongst us. However, the Verizon Data Breach report barely has a mention of IoT threats. So, should we be all that worried? Are IoT devices in the enterprise all that different from the other devices we need to secure within our…

Trolley Talk – The Full Ride

SC Media's Bradley Barth took a ride with industry insiders through the streets San Francisco at the 2018 RSA Conference, using an old form of public transportation we're pretty sure can never get hacked.
RSA 2018

Trolley Talk: SC cruises the cable car line with cyber experts

SC Media Senior Reporter Bradley Barth took five cybersecurity experts out on a field trip during RSA 2018, conducting what may be the industry’s first-ever series of interviews on the famous San Francisco’s cable car system — the only one in the world that is still operated manually. (Try hacking that!) Bradley’s challenge: conduct a full interview with…
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