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Peter Stephenson
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Beefing Up Your Next Generation Security Tool Set

In my last article I introduced you to deception networks.  This is a next generation tool that lets you alert on potential malicious activity while protecting your enterprise and capturing forensic evidence at the same time.  Over the course of four articles I’m going to help you deploy a next generation – true AI and…
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Mirai botnet upgraded to work with new IoT processors

The developers behind the Mirai botnet have recompiled the malware so it can take advantage of a wider group of processors/architectures and upgraded with a new encryption algorithm. Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 in February found samples of Mirai compiled for Altera Nios II, OpenRISC, Tensilica Xtensa, and Xilinx MicroBlaze processors, which primarily are used…
Samsung updates Smart TV privacy policy to clarify collection of user data
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Zero-day being used to turn LILIN DVRs into botnets

A zero-day vulnerability in a digital video recorders (DVR) made by LILIN is being used by malicious actors to create botnet armies. Using a zero day to infect a device is a new tactic, reported NetLab 360, which uncovered the trend last year when multiple campaigns operated by several different attack groups were found using…
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5 ways hackers use digital channels to launch VIP attacks

VIP attacks target high-profile individuals like company executives, politicians, and celebrities. For enterprise businesses, executives present a critical target for hackers, usually because they have access to a vast wealth of information. Politicians are commonly targeted by hacktivists and state operators for socio-political reasons. Celebrities, by contrast, are targeted for a multitude of reasons and…
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Viro Botnet ransomware comes with a botnet

Researchers discovered a ransomware with Botnet capabilities representing threat actors diversifying attack methods to raise the ante. Trend Micro researchers spotted the ransomware dubbed “Viborot” targeting users in the United States that once infected, the machine would become part of a spam email botnet that sought out new ransomware victims, according to a Sept. 21…

Hide ‘N Seek IoT botnet caught using Peer-to-Peer communication

An emerging botnet comprised of compromised IoT devices dubbed “Hide ‘N Seek” or HNS is using custom built Peer-to-Peer communication to exploit victims and build its infrastructure. The botnet may also represent an overall change in how threat actors are looking to use botnets. Bitdefender researchers first spotted the botnet on Jan. 10 before it…
Ransomware, Security News

‘Mirai’ botnet successors’ co-developer sentenced to 13 months

A 21-year-old man has been sentenced to serve 13 months in federal prison for his role in creating the Satori DDoS botnet, which descended from Mirai IoT malware, announced U.S. Attorney Bryan Schroder in Anchorage, Alaska. Kenneth Currin Schuchman, 22, of Vancouver, Wash., was sentenced today by Chief U.S. District Judge Timothy M. Burgess, after…
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