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The SC Magazine Awards Blog

Navigating New Data Security Mandates

Malte Pollmann, chief product officer, Utimaco

Following the 2007 data breach at retailer TJX , the recent breach at Heartland Payment Systems, and a...
The Data Breach Blog

Server hack compromises Voxant online store

Where did the breach take place? Reston, Va.

What happened? Hackers breached the e-commerce server of Voxant, provider of news and ad syndication for...
The Data Breach Blog

NYPD cops breached

Anthony Bonelli, 46, of Valley Stream, L.I., was arrested last Friday after he allegedly broke into a Staten Island warehouse and stole backup tapes containing...
The Data Breach Blog

Radisson Hotels breached

Radisson Hotels on Wednesday revealed that its computer systems were illegally accessed, potentially exposing hotel guests' credit card information.

How many victims? Unknown.
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