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SafeBreach Platform

Vendor: SafeBreach Price: N/A – Based on the size of deployment Contact: Quick Read  What it does: SafeBreach Platform automatically executes thousands of breach methods from an extensive playbook of research and real-world investigative data and prioritizes remediation activities based on business risk. What we liked: The hacker playbook, which identifies more than 15,000…
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2019 Data breaches

Data on 92M Brazilians found for sale on underground forums  In October 92 million Brazilians had their name, birth date, mother’s name, gender and tax details including taxpayer IDs exposed contained in a Brazilian government 16GB SQL database was found for sale on a dark web forum.  DoorDash data breach hits 4.9 million customers, merchants and…
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2020 Predictions: Data Breaches

Experian predictionsCybercriminals will leverage text-based “smishing” identity theft techniques to target consumers participating in online communities. As more Americans continue to join like-minded groups on social media to provide financial support to social causes or political candidates, cybercriminals can solicit unsuspecting consumers with fraudulent messages via SMS text to seek bank account details or other…
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The quick and the breached: Futureproofing security operations

Security is about rates: the adversary is innovative, motivated, funded and enjoys the advantages of asymmetry in cyber conflict. The rate of improvement in the proficiency of attackers is increasing faster than, by-and-large, that of the defenders. The first step to being futureproofed is to be present-proofed; and the essence of that is to be…
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Clearview AI client list breached

The facial recognition company Clearview AI is informing customers that a hacker stole its entire client list. Clearview AI gained unwanted notoriety earlier this year when it was disclosed that the company was obtaining billions of photos by scraping the internet for use by law enforcement agencies. Now the company has sent a notification to…

Data Breach Response: Preparing for the inevitable security incident

Data Breach Response: Preparing for the inevitable security incident September 21-22, 2021 10:30 am – 4:00 pm EDT For the security organization, containment is the goal in cyber incident response. Although a one-size-fits all approach does not exist, there are critical steps and dialogue that must take place to contain a data breach. Building a comprehensive plan that activates the right people and tools at the right time helps identify an attack, contain the damage, and eliminate the root cause of the incident.