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Report: Details on 617 million user accounts up for sale on dark web

A dark web marketplace this week reportedly began selling stolen data linked to roughly 617 million user accounts from 16 different websites. The Register was first to report the incident, citing details provided by the seller, who has set up show on the Tor network-based site Dream Market cyber-souk. The affected online services consist of video messaging…
Security News

Movie and TV-tracking service Trakt belatedly discovers 2014 breach

An unauthorized party illegally accessed data from TV and movie “scrobbling” service Trakt more than four years ago, but only now are users learning about it. The California-based company, which allows viewers to track the programs and films they watch, reportedly sent an email to its subscribers informing them that an unauthorized party used a…
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Lessons Learned: How to Defend Your Organization Against Social Engineering

Social engineering is unique in the cybersecurity world as its scope of influence can vary widely on the software, hardware, and even psychological level. In this article, we’ll cover social engineering attacks and help you learn from recent developments in the space.

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Know Your Inventory: A CISOs Guide to Asset Management

A CISO’s list of responsibilities are vast. They need to protect, defend, and identify any risks and potential attacks that may hit their company’s environment. However, knowing what needs protection is its own challenge.

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Amazon website glitch exposes customer data

Amazon customer service reportedly sent an unknown number of customers an email today, warning that a technical error on its website had exposed their data. Details on incident are scant, as Amazon’s disclosure was rather vague in details, according to several outlets that covered the development. “Hello, We’re contacting you to let you know that…
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The many faces of Magecart: Report profiles groups behind card-skimming threat

Magecart, the e-commerce payment card-skimming threat that has recently victimized Ticketmaster, British Airways, Newegg and other notable companies, is primarily comprised of six major active cybercriminal groups, according to a new joint research report. All of these groups use a version the same skimmer toolset, but they rely on different strategies and in some cases have…
Data Breach, Security News

Cathay Pacific data breach exposes PII of 9.4 million customers

Cathay Pacific airline reported a data breach today that affected 9.4 million customers exposing a large range of personally identifiable information and a limited amount of credit card data. Airline officials said in a statement that the breach was revealed during a security review when unauthorized access was discovered in the system containing passenger data. The…
Data Breach, Security News

Altaba settles Yahoo class action suits to the tune of $47 million

Altaba, the company created in the wake of Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo, reported in an SEC filing it has reached an agreement to settle three class action suits stemming from massive data breaches for $47 million. “We are… pleased to announce today that we have reached an agreement in principle (subject to court approval) to…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Security News

No fly-by-night operation: Researchers suspect Magecart group behind British Airways breach

A forensic analysis of the recent British Airways data breach has turned up evidence pointing to the involvement of Magecart, the same cybercriminal organization linked to a similar breach earlier this year affecting Ticketmaster. Moreover, it appears as if Magecart customized the digital payment skimmer it typically uses against retail companies to specifically target the…
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