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Ash Hunt

All Talk-Talk and No Action

The latest cyber attack, a breach compromising the data of up to four million of Talk-Talk's loyal customers, is yet another in a growing line of pernicious cyber attacks against corporate infrastructure.
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U.S. declines to sign cybersecurity pact

The U.S. Monday joined Russia, North Korea and China in declining to sign a cybersecurity pact supported by 50 countries and aimed at fighting both cyberwarfare and cybercrime. The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace agreement, part of the Paris Peace Forum, seeks to create a cyber Geneva Conventions of sorts, laying out…
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U.S. Deputy ADA: Indictments of alleged foreign hackers have merit, even without an arrest

On the same day the Department of Justice issued federal indictments against seven Russian military officers for alleged hacking offenses, U.S. Deputy Assistant District Attorney Adam Hickey of the National Security Division defended the practice of charging foreign cybercrime suspects, even when the likelihood of bringing them to justice is low. “There are some who…
Chinese intelligence agents indicted for stealing jet engine plans.
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Decline in Chinese cyberattacks against U.S. suggests attacks getting more efficient

Trump might still be blaming China for interfering with U.S. elections at the UN, but there are other issues he should be worried about concerning cyberattacks in the private sectors. Three years after the signing of the U.S.-China cyber pact, which intended to curb cyberattacks concerning intellectual property, researchers at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute found…
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