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It’s privacy vs. innovation as Google collects data on 50 million medical patients

Google and health care provider organization Ascension have publicly confirmed a recent report that the two companies have embarked on a massive initiative to aggregate the data of roughly 50 million patients and store it on the cloud. The companies say it will improve patient care and administration, but the strategy has also sparked concern…
Data Breach, Security News

Half a million Teletext Holidays files unsecured

UK-based travel company Teletext Holidays left a trove of its customer data unsecured, exposing 530,000 files including some to 200,000 audio files of calls made by customers. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) server, left unsecured for three years, showed the names of the users, their email and home addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth, reported…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Securing multi-cloud environments: assurance through consistency

Meeting the security and compliance needs across different cloud service providers (CSP), and an organization’s own data center, remains a thorny challenge. Today, many enterprises are migrating business-critical workloads to the cloud, or have done so recently. Others are taking a ‘lift-and-shift’ approach for select applications, leveraging new integrations for legacy systems. This journey may…
Reviews, Security News

Product Reviews Opener – Email Security

Email is one of the largest communication methods available, so it is no wonder it’s among the favorite attack vectors to target. Organizations rely on email to keep their businesses running, but very few place the importance on properly securing it. Email security refers to the collective measures used to secure the access and content…
Executive Insight, Opinions

Data Breaches Caused by Misconfigured Servers

Misconfigured server infrastructure is often considered one of the most significant causes of data breaches within the IT industry. This human error phenomenon is usually unintentional, but it can have catastrophic consequences regarding the exposure of sensitive personal information as well as potentially damaging the reputation of your business. Data breaches have gathered a lot…
Data Breach, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Drone vulnerability could compromise enterprise data

Check Point Researchers developed an attack to hijack DJI drone user accounts that may contain the user’s sensitive information as well as access to the device itself. Researchers developed an XSS attack that could be posted on a DJI forum that is used by hundreds of thousands of DJI customers, to intercept the identifying token…
Reviews, Security News

GRC, risk and policy management

This month we take a dive into GRC (governance, risk and compliance), risk and policy management toolsets. The SC team has looked at this category on an annual basis for many years. Over the years focus in the space has come in waves, especially as regulatory and industry-specific compliance measures evolve. With the broad reach…
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