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No Kaspersky compromise

A forensic exam has confirmed Kaspersky Lab's initial findings that Romanian hackers did not compromise any personal data when they launched an SQL injection attack against the anti-virus company's U.S. support site. David Litchfield of Next Generation Security Software said in a Thursday report that other attackers, upon learning of the vulnerable site at, attempted to access data but also were unable. — DK

Mass website compromise

What is it?Code is being introduced to website-hosting companies, like BlueHost, DreamHost and Network Solutions, via a gamut of vulnerabilities. The LAMP stack, WordPress CMS and basic server configuration errors are equally suspected – PHP being the common component in most attacks. How does it work?Under the covers lurks carefully crafted code that intelligently interprets…
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Multi-Color employee data compromised

Multi-Color, a label solutions firm, reported that a break-in at a third party affiliate resulted in the compromise of employee personally identifiable information.
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