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Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Why is election security a partisan issue?

Frankly I never thought that securing the elections would be a partisan issue.  But then, why am I surprised?  Anything that touches Washington becomes a partisan issue.  Securing the elections, ensuring ballot machines can’t be hacked, and ensuring voter registration data isn’t altered or deleted should be a common goal for everyone in Washington.    Elections…
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Management of “Fake News” on Social Media Will Continue On Its Downward Spiral

By Brian NeSmith, CEO and co-founder of Arctic Wolf Networks Over half of the population claims to regularly see fake news on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Yet, despite fake news being more commonplace than one would think, social media companies have been highly ineffective in doing anything — except around the most egregious…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Opinions

Voting system security standards fail to secure the vote

By Mike Weber, VP of Labs, Coalfire Many days have passed since American citizens came out in droves to place their votes. While most races are a lock, others are still in the process of ballot counting as analysts, politicians, and the public are reflecting on, and in some cases questioning, the validity of the results.…
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Why blockchain and not gamers is the future of cybersecurity

Doug Olenick, SC Media Editor, recently penned a blog entry, in reaction to McAfee’s recent report, called, “Dad, I’m not wasting my time on Xbox, I’m studying to be a cyber pro.” While I love the idea of having potentially uncovered an entire generation of cybersecurity experts just waiting to flex their gaming skills, I’m…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Cyberinsurance: The value from an incident response lens

Cyberinsurance is not new to the scene, and an increasing number of organizations are accepting its critical role in safeguarding them against costly cybersecurity incidents. Yet recently, we’ve seen ongoing discussion of its overall value to organizations, as well its net impact to the state of cybersecurity. As pundits discuss, debate, and ponder, crippling cyber…
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