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States weigh in on cybersecurity

With the focus trained on national legislation to safeguard data and privacy, legislative activity at the state level often gets overlooked, though it has flourished in recent years. Many states either passed, rejected or have pending bills primarily focused on compelling businesses to inform customers about how their data is used. Here is a quick…
GTB Inspector

Industry innovators 2007: GTB Inspector

We have characterized GTB Inspector as "email security," but, really, that requires a bit of rethinking about what we mean by the term. There are, as everyone knows, a lot of aspects to email security and Inspector addresses one of the most important: data leak prevention.
Features, Security News

2019’s weird and wonderful news

Dead Cows, HackerGiraffes, fast food-craving lemmings, foul-mouthed scooters and golf pranksters made SC Media’s rather eclectic list of the most bizarre cyber news from the last 12 months.  In 2016, hackers tried to influence who became president. This time, hackers are running for president!   Well, make that a former teenage hacker – and a fairly harmless one at…

Industry innovators 2007: AirWave

Wireless is not the future. It is now. Organizations are demanding wireless connectivity and IT departments are struggling to deploy it, while security managers are pushing back hard until security concerns for this pervasive technology can be addressed. The issues are management and security.
Ransomware, Security News

Ransomware: To pay or not to pay

The crudely written ransom notes in movies 20-30 years ago may have been replaced by more modern, digital missives – like a texted photo a la Liam Neeson’s “Taken” – but the message remains the same: Pay up or else.   That is the quandary business owners, municipal governments, school administrators and even librarians are now…
Mi5 Networks Webgate

Industry innovators 2007: Mi5 Networks Webgate

A major challenge in today's large networks is the build-up of unseen malware, spyware and botnets. The Mi5 Networks Webgate is a tool that helps bring these problems to the surface and remediates them without disruption of network traffic flow.
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