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TrapX Security, Inc. DeceptionGrid v7.0

Vendor: TrapX Security, Inc. Price: $3,995 per VLAN Contact: Quick Read   What it does: TrapX Security DeceptionGrid uses a centrally-managed system to create, distribute, and monitor an entire deceptive environment. What we liked: The many, predefined emulation traps deploy quickly and remain invisible to business users and result in both rich insights and scalable…
Emerging Products, Reviews

PacketViper, LLC Deception360 v5.0

Vendor: PacketViper, LLC Price: $20,000 Contact: Quick Read   View Post What it does: PacketViper Deception 360 uses agentless deception artifacts to prevent, detect, and respond to threats automatically to reduce dwell time and maximize response efficiency. What we liked: This is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and agentless deception product capable of existing in and among…
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Fidelis Deception v9.3

Vendor: Fidelis Cybersecurity Price: $50,000 for 10 VLANs Contact: Quick Read   What it does: Fidelis Deception delivers complete visibility across all environment architectures and automated threat and data theft detection, threat hunting, and optimized incident and response capabilities. What we liked: Fidelis built a powerful, agentless tool that offers a deep understanding of all…
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Deceptive Bytes Active Endpoint Deception v2020.04.01

Vendor: Deceptive Bytes Price: $40 per endpoint, per year Contact: Quick Read   What it does: Deceptive Bytes Active Endpoint Detection uses existing IT infrastructures to respond to changing advanced threat landscapes and interfere with malicious attempts to carry out reconnaissance and takeover missions. What we liked: We found this an effective, prevention-focused product that’s…
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Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Platform v5.0

Vendor: Attivo Networks Price: $40,000 Contact: Quick Read   What it does: ThreatDefend conceals sensitive data and privileged accounts from attackers to deny their accounts and exploitations while defeating discovery, lateral movement, credential theft, and privilege escalation activities. What we liked: It supports a variety of deployment options, including the ability to operate within specialized…
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SC Product Reviews: Endpoint Security

SC Labs revisited endpoint security tools this month, an area that’s become increasingly more relevant as the bad guys run phishing attacks via email. These cloud-based management systems have taken endpoint security to the next level with proactive attack prevention, accurate detection and effective remediation. The comprehensive visibility these tools offer uncover visibility gaps at…
Product Review

Simeio Identity Orchestrator

Simeio Identity Orchestrator is a microservices- and cloud-based identity platform that takes a service-first approach to identity and access management. The scalable, easy-to-use interface manages identities, simplifies complex operations, and supports multi-vendor environments. This solution securely engages with anyone, anywhere, anytime, on any device, and because of its many platform capabilities and large partner ecosystem,…
Product Review

LogMeIn LastPass Identity

LogMeIn LastPass Identity is an all-in-one control system for password, access, and authentication services that offers flexible integrations and simple deployment and end-user onboarding. LogMeIn has built this identity tool onto the company’s already refined, enterprise-leading password management solution. Because of LogMeIn’s maturity, LastPass Identity can secure all access points in an organization, resulting in…
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Auth0 is a cloud-based identity solution offering a universal authentication and authorization platform that protects the identities of all user types in any application. Traditional solutions with out-of-the-box features are secure but are often too rigid to accommodate the changing conditions and unique systems that application developers face. These developers create value through innovation, and…

Picus Security Platform v2402

Vendor: Picus Security Inc.Price: $25,000 per assessment vectorContact: What it does: Leverages continuous, metrics-based validation to harden security controls and provide mitigation suggestions. What we liked: The mitigation suggestions are remediations that have been tailored to an organization and its specific defense stack. Picus Security Platform takes a threat-centric approach to achieving cyber resilience…
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