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Product Review and Tenable Lumin and Tenable Lumin combine to measure and manage cyber risk across attack surfaces. Together, they translate data into actionable metrics that help analysts focus resources, prioritize risks and ultimately minimize risk impact. They also continuously assess converged attack surfaces to communicate what assets exist on an environment and where such assets are located. This…
Product Review

Tripwire Enterprise 8.7

Tripwire Enterprise ensures system availability and speeds up investigations through integrity monitoring that uses both agent and agentless methods to discover changes in real time before they become breaches and find the root cause of a compromise if a breach occurs. While the solution can be deployed physically, virtually on-premises or in the cloud, ultimately…
Product Review

Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Deception and Response Platform version 5.0

Attivo Networks’ ThreatDefend Deception and Response Platform arms the defender with no-nonsense threat detection and faster incident response that empowers organizations of all sizes and industries with visibility, high efficacy detection and intelligence-gathering to gain the upper hand against attackers. The platform supplies high-interaction traps, baits and lures developed for today’s evolving attack surface and…
Product Review

Smokescreen Technologies IllusionBLACK 3.7

Smokescreen Technologies IllusionBLACK accurately and efficiently detects targeted threats in real time. IllusionBlack creates decoys deployed in the network alongside legitimate assets. For attackers who have reached the point of breach, there is no way to differentiate decoys from reality. Interacting with a decoy raises a silent alarm while systems begin collecting information on an…
Product Review

Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2

Symantec Endpoint Protection is designed to stop threats with multilayered protection, regardless of the chosen attack vector. It integrates with existing infrastructure through a single, lightweight agent that offers high performance without compromising productivity. While Symantec has a cloud-managed solution, we spent time looking at their on-premises version. The solution provides a variety of security…
Product Review


Endgame simplifies endpoint protection by leveraging advanced machine learning technology. The company has designed the tool with ease of use in mind, catering to security operators of any skill level, to deliver full-force protection to stop everything from ransomware to phishing to targeted attacks. A unique hybrid architecture delivers cloud administration and data localization to…
Product Review

Tripwire – IP360 9.0.3

Tripwire IP360 is an enterprise-class vulnerability management solution, managed via a web-based GUI that enables cost-effective risk reduction with remediation efforts focused on the highest risks and most critical assets. It provides comprehensive visibility into the enterprise network and all devices and associated operating systems, applications, and vulnerabilities. This single vulnerability management solution accommodates hybrid…
Product Review

BeyondTrust – Enterprise Vulnerability Management

BeyondTrust Enterprise Vulnerability Management is a fully automated solution that uses a web-based interface and offers vulnerability and security configuration assessments by leveraging penetration testing results and exploit data. The penetration testing results are imported from Core Impact and Metasploit, while the exploit data comes from Exploit Database and CANVAS. Penetration testing can also be…
Product Review


The JASK ASOC (Autonomous Security Operations Center) open API platform has broad and flexible ingestion capabilities to support logs and endpoint/network sources while providing user and entity attribution. It uses an agentless collection methodology with passive software sensors that report metadata to the JASK platform and encompasses three types: network sensor, log sensor and active…
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