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Cyber Command
Election Coverage, Government/Defense, Security News

Cyber Command goes on the offense to protect U.S. election

In the lead up to the mid-term elections next month the U.S. Cyber Command has launched its first ever offensive operation against individual Russians attempting to interfere. The New York Times made the initial report on the operation, and had few details as to what the action included, but indicated the suspected election operatives would…
Election Coverage, Executive Insight, Opinions

Management of “Fake News” on Social Media Will Continue On Its Downward Spiral

By Brian NeSmith, CEO and co-founder of Arctic Wolf Networks Over half of the population claims to regularly see fake news on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Yet, despite fake news being more commonplace than one would think, social media companies have been highly ineffective in doing anything — except around the most egregious…
Election Coverage, Government/Defense, Security News

State of security: South Dakota

Who’s in Charge: Secretary of State Shantel Krebs South Dakota’s election security has a little bit from Column A, good security, and a little bit from Column B, poor practices. In Column A the state uses only uses paper balloting making the voting process itself secure and has a voter-verified paper audit trail, The state…
Election Coverage, Government/Defense, Security News

Here are the hurdles that will face Biden’s new CISO

As the newly appointed CISO of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, Chris DeRusha, former chief security officer with the State of Michigan, has fewer than four months to implement his cybersecurity vision before Election Day arrives — all in the midst of a pandemic that has altered the traditional way that campaigns traditionally operate. DeRusha will…
Election Coverage, Security News

State of security: New Hampshire

Who’s in charge: Secretary of State William M. Gardner The state spent $250,000 of its nearly $3.2 million election security budget ($3.1 million in federal grant money and $155,000 in matching state funds) to improve systems for the 2018 midterm elections. Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan said the state has hired firms to test…
Election Coverage, Government/Defense, Security News

State of Security: Nevada

Who’s in charge: Secretary of State Barbara K. Cegavske Nevada uses a centralized statewide voter registration system which is maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State and Nevada’s local election officials. The state’s voting systems include the equipment used to create ballots, cast and count votes, and display election results, is a “standalone…
APTs/cyberespionage, Election Coverage, Network Security, Security News

Microsoft demos vote verification tool, warns of ongoing foreign meddling

Microsoft Corporation yesterday began publicly demonstrating its free and open-source secure electronic voting solution, ElectionGuard, warning that such innovations are necessary as adversarial nations continue to target the American people and U.S. businesses. In a blog post announcing the demo, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Customer Security and Trust Tom Burt said that in the…
Election Coverage, Security News

State of security: Minnesota

Who’s in charge: Secretary of State Steve Simon Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said the state’s reliance on paper ballots is a cornerstone of ballot security and vote totals are reviewed by city, county, and state election officials several times before an election is ultimately certified by the state canvassing board. The electrical systems…
USA Freedom Act foiled by Senate Republicans
Election 2016 Cybersecurity Insights, Election Coverage, Government, Government/Defense, Security News

Report: Russian-sponsored hackers could have modified U.S. voter data, but didn’t

Russian state-sponsored cyber actors “conducted an unprecedented level of activity against state election infrastructure in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. elections,” the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence concludes in the first volume of its report on Russia’s efforts to interference in America’s most recent presidential election. Released yesterday, volume one focuses specifically on…
Israel comes under cyber attack
Cybercrime, Election Coverage, Government, Security News

Report: Israel examines hacker’s claim of voter registry breach

Israeli authorities are reportedly investigating a hacker’s claims on Twitter that he successfully breached the country’s voter registry in the days leading up to tomorrow’s 2019 legislative election. Nicknamed DarkCoder, the hacker contended in a Saturday tweet that he stole information on 6 million Israeli voters, even posting a picture displaying victims’ names identity numbers…
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