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Executive Insight, Security News

Striving for diversity

To take a barometer of the cybersecurity industry early in our year, we’re looking at a few areas this March. In addition to a general market update and where money is being invested, we’re also looking at what could be the costlier mistakes organizations make when it comes to over-arching cybersecurity strategizing and maintenance. One…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Seven best practices for an effective phishing simulation program

You are well aware of the risks you face as a security professional—after all, they’re numerous, constantly evolving and ever present. And, much of the results you’re able to achieve depend upon people who spend little time thinking about security at all. If only security was a top of mind issue for all of your…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Creating a next-gen cybersecurity roadmap

As many of today’s enterprises are struggling to get their arms around cybersecurity, our world has seen an explosion in the number of solutions, providers and recommended steps to take to secure a company’s environment and protect it against cyber incidents.  With so many options and no standardized solution, it is difficult to know where…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Part 3 – Cooperative cybersecurity protection for large-scale infrastructure

Cybersecurity analytics for large-scale protection Click here for part 2. Most modern security analytic methods and tools are best suited to larger infrastructure with large data sets. That is, it is unlikely that one would use real-time, telemetry-based monitoring with 24/7 coverage for a personal computer, unless that personal computer was connected to a larger…
Opinions, Security News

A cautious embrace of Pollyanna

For quite some time, the number of women in the cybersecurity industry has hovered around 11 percent of the overall workforce. However, recent statistics show a modest uptick with the number now estimated to be about 24 percent − a bit of heartening progress. Some other interesting trends are emerging, which we explore further in…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Four attributes that make for a valuable pen tester

There is an increased industry demand for penetration testers (pen testers) as enterprises shift from reactive to proactive security. With that demand shift, I’m often asked by prospective cybersecurity candidates, “How do I break into penetration testing?” Before answering, I always want to make sure the person that asks understands what a pen tester actually…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Securing multi-cloud environments: assurance through consistency

Meeting the security and compliance needs across different cloud service providers (CSP), and an organization’s own data center, remains a thorny challenge. Today, many enterprises are migrating business-critical workloads to the cloud, or have done so recently. Others are taking a ‘lift-and-shift’ approach for select applications, leveraging new integrations for legacy systems. This journey may…
Executive Insight, Opinions, Security News

You’ve Been Breached! Now What?

Cooperating with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Before and After a Cyberattack Can Help Companies Minimize Harm and Legal Exposure By Edward J. McAndrew Many companies that suffer a malicious cyber incident such as a breach hesitate to involve federal law enforcement, fearing an overbearing investigative process, loss of control over the incident response, additional pain…
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