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Data Breach, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

Image-I-Nation supply chain breach exposes data of major credit agencies’ customers

Image-I-Nation Technologies, Inc., which provides hosting services and software to consumer reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, experienced a supply chain breach that left users’ personal information exposed for as long as two weeks. Last Dec. 20, the company “discovered that there had been unauthorized access to our database containing the personal information of…
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Network Security, Privacy & Compliance, Security News

National Enquirer threat to reveal intimate Bezos pics trains focus on privacy protection

By going public with alleged extortion attempts, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos may have thwarted the National Enquirer’s attempts to quash the Washington Post’s probe into the tabloid media company’s practices, but the incident also turned a harsh spotlight on unethical, potentially illegal acts and ratcheted up concerns about privacy. In a Thursday blog post, Bezos…
SC Security Ops Center, Security News

Setting up for success when buying cyberinsurance

When is a war really a not a war, at least as far as an insurance company is concerned? That is the question the cybersecurity and insurance industries are likely to find out at the conclusion of a court case between Zurich International and the U.S. food company Mondelez International, one of the many firms…
Cybercrime, Security News

Wicked (dark web) wish list

The dark web can be a fairly lawless place, but even the most hidden corners of the darknet are not immune to the laws of supply and demand. Malware programs, cybercriminal services and stolen data can skyrocket in popularity on the underground market just as quickly as they can fall out of favor – same…
Reviews, Security News

Cloud-based security management

Over the past few years there has been quite a bit of conjecture around the security market and how it will continue to evolve. Security professionals have started to find their own real success against hackers comes from using the same tools and techniques as hackers to turn the tides. Increasingly, security products are adding in…
election hacking
Election Coverage, Security News

Facebook readying for upcoming election cycles

Facebook launched a public relations campaign centered on ensuring its users the social media giant has upped its game when it comes to protecting election integrity in the U.S., EU and around the world. Facebook’s Katie Harbath, global politics and government outreach director, Samidh Chakrabarti, director of product management, civic engagement and Anika Geisel, public…
Cybercrime, IoT, Network Security, Security News

Fearing backlash, IoT hacker ‘TheHackerGiraffe’ no longer sticking neck out for PewDiePie

The hacker who’s taken credit for compromising connected devices such as printers and smart televisions in support of YouTube star PewDiePie has gone dark, apparently due to fears of prosecution as well as death threats. According to multiple reports, the individual known as TheHackerGiraffe deleted his (or her/their) accounts on Twitter, Cloudflare, Patreon and other…
Government/Defense, Security News

DoD Inspector General finds multiple flaws in missile defense system cybersecurity

The potential scenario of this cybersecurity flaw being exploited is not as severe, as say, the plot from the movie Wargames, but several major holes have been found in defense facilities housing technical information on the nation’s ballistic missile defense systems (BMDS) that could prove disastrous to America’s ability to defend itself against an ICBM attack.…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Study finds medical device security pros may have false sense of security

A recent study surveying healthcare IT professionals found while the majority of them are very confident their connected devices are protected from cyberattacks, there may be some disconnects between the perceived level of security and how secure medical devices are. The 2018 Zingbox Second Annual Connected Medical Device Survey sought input from more than 200…
Election Coverage, Security News

Federal judge orders review of Georgia’s provisional ballots

Noting that it was likely that the administration of former Georgia Secretary of State and self-proclaimed governor-elect Brian Kemp likely failed to “properly maintain a reliable and secure voter registration system,” a federal judge said the state must review provisional ballots cast in a contentious Nov. 6 election. In ruling on a case brought by…
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