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Security News

Wall Street Journal also a victim of espionage

Less than a day after The New York Times revealed that its reporters were targeted by Chinese hackers, The Wall Street Journal disclosed on Thursday that its systems were also breached by attackers from China wanting to observe the newspaper's coverage of the country.
Election Coverage, Security News

Midterm election hacking incidents lacking, typosquatting tops the list

The U.S. midterm election has passed without any disruptive cybersecurity incidents, but researchers at Bitdefender found some evidence of influence campaigns appearing and cybercriminals using election keywords for money-making scams. Bitdefender found four areas of concern. On the political side, it came across typosquatted domains registered by hackers to spread misinformation, particularly in Texas, or…
The first half of 2013 saw a 355 percent uptick in social spam. Facebook is a big target.
Cybercrime, Email Security, Government, Malware, Phishing, Security News

Renewed Emotet phishing activity targets UN, government and military users

Since resuming operations after a holiday hiatus, the malicious actors behind the Emotet banking trojan network have reportedly targeted at least 82 countries with spam and crafted a special phishing campaign targeting the United Nations. Meanwhile, an additional report has revealed an increase in Emotet phishing activity targeting government and military entities over the last…
Critical infrastructure attack
Network Security, Security News

FireEye attributes TRITON ICS attack to Russian

The cybersecurity firm FireEye has attributed the source of the TRITON critical infrastructure intrusion to a Russian government-owned research institute. FireEye was able to backtrack the malware, now identified as TEMP.Veles, to Russia by testing other types of malicious software that were used in the TRITON attack and tying them to the Central Scientific Research…
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