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Someone’s Stealing Your CPU. Now Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Right now, as you read this, hackers may be targeting your website to illegally tap your processing power to mine digital currency. This year, we’ve seen an unprecedented number of cryptomining and cryptojacking attacks. Tesla was a victim of cryptojacking, and a webpage on the Los Angeles Times website was found to be harnessing visitors’…

New Monero miner hitting macOS devices

Another chink has developed in the usually tough Apple OS ability to ward off cybersecurity issues with a new cryptocurrency miner being discovered that is hitting macOS devices.
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Cloud infrastructure exposed by multivector, multi-platform malware attacks prevalent, mass scale

Persistent malicious attacks exposing cloud infrastructure are the result of a perfect storm combining cryptomining, ransomware and botnet/worms for both Linux and Windows, the Securonix Threat Research Team reported. “The attack activity described in the report is likely prevalent and mass-scale,” Oleg Kolesnikov told SC Media. The research Addison, Texas-based Securonix provides further insight into…
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New cryptomining worm Beapy targets Asian enterprises while ignoring consumers

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown, file-based cryptominer worm that has been heavily targeting enterprises based in Asia. The researchers, from Symantec Corporation’s Security Response Attack Investigation Team, believe this latest threat perpetuates what they describe as a recent trend in cryptojacking: focusing on large business and organizations rather than consumers. Dubbed Beapy, the Python-based…
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