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New ransomware spotted using DiskCryptor

A new ransomware was discovered installing DiskCryptor on the infected computer and rebooting the infected device to reveal a customized ransom letter. MalwareHunter Team researchers discovered the malware which used DiskCryptor, an encryption program that encrypts the whole disk and then prompts the user to enter a password on reboot, and noted that it is being run…
Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Mobile Security, Ransomware

Mobile ransomware disguised as upcoming Canadian Covid-19 contact tracing app

Capitalizing on a Canadian government announcement pertaining to the development of a nationwide, voluntary Covid-19 contact tracing app, malicious actors this month created a fake version of such an app that in reality infects Android users with mobile ransomware. According to a new blog post from ESET, the ransomware, dubbed CryCryptor, was found being distributed…

Data breach at Blue Springs Family Care endangers patient records, enables ransomware attack

Missouri-based health care provider Blue Springs Family Care has disclosed a ransomware attack resulting from a data breach that may have also compromised patients records — 44,979, to be precise, according to news reports [1, 2]. According to a letter publicly posted by the company, the perpetrators potentially had access to a variety of information, including patients’ full names,…
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