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Cyber Veterans

Teresa Shea: building trust between private, public sectors

Having transitioned from the public sector to the private, Teresa Shea recognizes the need for those two verticals to work better together. The mutual skepticism bordering on distrust, which has been omnipresent for years, is both inefficient and unwarranted.
Army cyber troops
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Army Cyber Command readies cyber units for the battlefield

U.S. soldiers may not charge into battle as they type away on their laptops attempting to fend off enemy cyberattacks any time too soon, but the U.S. Army Cyber Command is actively working on the role these troops will someday play on the battlefield.
InfoSec Insider

How to Mitigate Cyber Risks through Cyber Insurance

Cybersecurity professionals can provide valuable input in their companies’ procurement of cyber insurance, and should be involved in all phases of cyber insurance procurement and management. Here are some important areas you should focus on.

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Cyber Deviance

Frequently, the media characterizes computer crimes as those involving hacking (gaining unauthorized computer network access), cracking (another word for gaining unauthorized access to a computer or program), or web page defacing (gaining unauthorized access to a web page and changing its content).
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