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Rethinking cyber risk

Everyone agrees that risk is essential. They just have different versions of what risk is, Evan Schuman reports. It’s time to rethink risk – both how to operationalize it and how to define it. With all the incompatible views of risk from different stakeholders through an enterprise, it’s hardly surprising that so many organizations struggle…
Anonymous rally, New York

Vendors and cyber offense

Do revelations stemming from the Anonymous hack that HBGary Federal was engaged in shady, potentially illegal, activities cast the security industry as a whole in a negative light?
Cyber threat: Gathering intelligence

Cyber threat: Gathering intelligence

Experts explain how organizations can best implement a cyberthreat intelligence initiative to collect, analyze and share data to detect and respond to an existing compromise or prevent a future threat.
SC Canada

A cyber strategy for Canada

Unlike its neighbor to the south, Canada has been slow to develop a national cybersecurity strategy. Danny Bradbury finds out why.
Illena Armstrong, editor-in-chief, SC Magazine

Cautiously optimistic on cyber chief

Optimism, no matter how dosed with skepticism, feels right following the appointment of Howard Schmidt as the nation's cyber coordinator, says SC Magazine Editor-in-Chief Illena Armstrong.

(Cyber)crime and punishment

For organizations that suffer a data breach, the penalty typically involves a clean up and making good on the damage to their reputation. But is that enough to encourage better security controls? Karen Epper Hoffman finds out.
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