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Wargaming cannot take the place of real cyber protection

It’s no big secret: cyberattacks keep business leaders up at night. In a World Economic Forum executive study in November, cyberattacks were rated as the fifth biggest risk to businesses worldwide, one place behind cybercrime and fraud, and the number one business risk in the U.S. In fact, the collective interest regarding the threat of…
Executive Insight, Opinion

The digital unraveling: Vigilantes, rogue competitors, big break ups, and broken trust

By 2021, the world will be significantly digitized and connected. Competing in the digital marketplace will become increasingly difficult, as businesses develop new strategies which challenge existing regulatory frameworks and social norms, enabling threats to grow in speed and precision. Vulnerabilities in software and applications will be frequently disclosed online with ever-decreasing time to fix…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Small businesses beware: Cyberwar is right around the corner

Damages from cybercrime will cost $6 trillion by 2021. It’s a statistic from Cybersecurity Ventures that can’t be ignored and it’s the biggest threat facing businesses today, with reports indicating that more than 50 percent of IT decision makers are flagging phishing attacks as a top security threat. This year alone, ransomware will hit a…
Executive Insight, Opinion

When’s the last time you looked at your incident response plan?

Security is broad. That is evident in, for example, the Security Rule within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a central compliance concern for any organization handling the health data of U.S. citizens. That rule specifies the need for three types of protections, which it calls technical, administrative, and physical safeguards. Related to data…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Securing Your Supply Chain: Mitigating Supplier and Contractor Risk

The rise of breaches caused by third-party vendors reached an all-time high in 2018. This has driven organizations to take a much closer look at supplier and contractor security controls, as well as risk exposure throughout the delivery supply chain. According to a survey conducted last year by the Ponemon Institute, the average organization has…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

How to be an ethical hacker

At first glance, the term “ethical hacking” may seem like an oxymoron. That’s because criminal “hacker” has become a pejorative that’s closely tied to the bad guys — black hat threat actors looking to steal or corrupt data or other assets within digital reach. The truth is, there are plenty of good guys in the…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

Everything is hackable: The crowd is here to help

The cybersecurity industry at large is facing a massive skills shortage. Coupled with a growing attack surface and economically incentivized adversaries, this skills gap has made it more difficult than ever for organizations to shore up their defenses. Security experts are in high demand, meaning they can command higher paychecks. It also means they have…
Executive Insight, Security News

Key pillars of the modern SOC

Security Operation Centers (SOCs) are struggling to meet the demands of the evolving threat landscape. Today, most analysts only have access to a portion of their companies’ data due to the high cost of analysis and storage. Workflows are still rules-based or manual, leading to a reactive approach to threat intelligence instead of a proactive,…
Executive Insight, Security News

The automation quandary: Or how to stop worrying and start automating

Information security is threatened from multiple angles. Threats have grown more sophisticated, digital infrastructures more complex, data more voluminous, and security talent increasingly scarce. The pace and volume make it impossible for IT groups to keep up. Automating tasks is an obvious solution to these challenges, but there are deeply ingrained concerns that automation will…
Executive Insight, Opinion, Security News

It’s Not All Bugs and Breaches: Influence Wars and U.S. Elections

The 2016 U.S. presidential election was a wake-up call that brought the issue of election security front and center for many Americans. Since then, there’s been a big concern around the existential risks facing our democratic system. In 2016, we saw a wide range of attacks – from email leaks to social media propaganda to…
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