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Small businesses beware: Cyberwar is right around the corner

Damages from cybercrime will cost $6 trillion by 2021. It’s a statistic from Cybersecurity Ventures that can’t be ignored and it’s the biggest threat facing businesses today, with reports indicating that more than 50 percent of IT decision makers are flagging phishing attacks as a top security threat. This year alone, ransomware will hit a…
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Three lessons from the top cybersecurity threats of 2018

The pace of cybersecurity threats was unrelenting last year, as cyber criminals continuously introduced new attacks and tried new tactics for outsmarting potential victims. A look back at the most prevalent threats that the Barracuda Research team studied over the course of the year reveals three important lessons that organizations and their IT service providers…
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A v-CISO’s Take on the 5 Issues Facing Cybersecurity

There’s a quiet shift going on in the business community, one that has the potential of tipping the scales against cyber criminals; and it has nothing to do with AI, machine learning or any other shiny, new technology. I am referring to the rise of the v-CISO, or virtual chief information security officer. Much like…
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Beyond cyber awareness month

While National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month are important moments in time to direct our attention to cybersecurity challenges, the reality is we need more than two months of cyber conversation. We need a continuing, year-round dialog about why cybersecurity matters. It’s important to weigh the combination of people, process…
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Making cybersecurity great now

History tells tales. When I travel during days off to other regions of the world, I look for the fun spots but also the sites honoring the city’s turbulent periods. I’ve learned that these often mournful times comprising a region’s history also play parts in a present day that shows how equity, hope, goodness and…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Measuring cyber risk

By Ryan Stolte, co-founder and CTO, Bay Dynamics How do you measure risk? This is the reigning million-dollar question in infosec. We don’t have a clearcut answer to this question and that can make deciding what actions to take to improve the security of the organization a real challenge for many teams. We are, as…

Cybercrime pays…on both sides

Cybercrime, apparently, does pay. This is according to a few of the articles in this edition as well as many other news and feature reports we’ve done in the past based on any number of research papers that have sprung up over the last 12 to 18 months. A report from McAfee and the Center…
Opinion, Security News

Balancing AI with Human Intelligence in Cybersecurity

By Landon Lewis, CEO, Pondurance Although artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for more than half a century, the advancements and hype surrounding the technology over the past couple of decades have led to much discussion and confusion about whether machines will someday replace humans in the workforce. A quick Google search reveals stories about…
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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Is Vulnerable

By Celeste Fralick, chief data scientist and senior principal engineer, McAfee Just about everyone in the cybersecurity field has accepted the notion that adversaries are just as smart as we are. Anytime we celebrate the latest threat detection and prevention breakthrough, we’re well aware that the bad guys are at work devising ways to evade…
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Cryptojacking: Defending against the latest pernicious cyberthreat

By David Cramer, President of Digital Service Operations (DSO) at BMC Mining for digital currency can be a profitable business, but it requires a lot of computing power. That’s why criminal hackers have been breaking into corporate networks and hijacking servers to run cryptomining software. Enterprises need to defend themselves against this pernicious new threat,…
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