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Cyber Defense Platform 19

Cybereason’s Cyber Defense Platform combines prevention, detection and response into a lightweight agent. This multilayered endpoint protection platform delivers signature and signature-less anti-malware functionality to prevent known and unknown threats. It also applies behavioral and deception techniques to prevent ransomware and fileless threats by using layered prevention to collect raw data from endpoints and pass…
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CyberGRX Exchange

CyberGRX is a SaaS platform whose mission is to help customers and the third parties with whom they do business solve the challenge of risk management. It is built on NIST-based assessments, mapped to the ISO 27001 framework and can be mapped to most other frameworks as well. Onboarding vendors is simple with a search…
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iTrust Cyber Risk Ratings

A cloud-based platform with a comprehensive view of risk structured around the NIST cybersecurity framework, iTrust Cyber Risk Ratings has more than 100 proprietary data points. This cloud architecture stores data on the back end, provides resources, and schedules scans. Vendor self-assessment is conducted through internal surveys of cybersecurity practices and scored with crowdsourced reputation…
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Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence for the Hybrid Cloud

Tested by: Matthew Hreben & Katelyn Dunn Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence is an analytics-minded solution that ensures continuous compliance, workload security posture and cloud security posture. The challenge many modern enterprises face is a complex and ever-changing network architecture that spans multiple cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. This sprawling landscape requires a solution that can accurately determine…
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CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform 2.3.0

CounterCraft’s Cyber Deception Platform is a full spectrum deception solution that takes the design, deployment and management of deception to the next level with real-time attack detection and targeted, actionable threat intelligence directly applicable to the host network. This solution has a full rest API. We saw a ton of changes CounterCraft has made over…
Product Review and Tenable Lumin and Tenable Lumin combine to measure and manage cyber risk across attack surfaces. Together, they translate data into actionable metrics that help analysts focus resources, prioritize risks and ultimately minimize risk impact. They also continuously assess converged attack surfaces to communicate what assets exist on an environment and where such assets are located. This…
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BitSight for Third Party Risk Management

BitSight is a non-intrusive SaaS platform with data-driven security performance ratings based on data gathered outside of organizations. The cyber risk approach is automated at scale, with statistical rigor, some human validation and crowd-sourced collaboration. It brings efficiency and automation to the cyber risk evaluation process, with ratings evaluated across 23 different vectors, graded A…
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Anomali Threat Platform

Anomali Threat Platform is an integrated suite designed to help organizations identify serious threats, investigate adversaries and respond efficiently and effectively. Organizations also can import their own data directly into the platform, via STIX, or through email. Visibility into threats and events enhance threat detection capabilities. Automated threat detection, analysis and operations improve response efficiency…
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Group-IB Threat Intelligence

Group-IB is an official partner of INTERPOL, Europol and local law enforcement agencies. With 15-plus years of experience and highly qualified experts, Group-IB leverages its own infrastructure and proprietary external threat hunting system. Collecting a large array of real-time data, the platform uses patented algorithms and machine learning for rapid data correlation. Every data item…
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LookingGlass scoutPRIME 2019.2.J.46

scoutPRIME focuses on dynamic, global and attack surface monitoring through passive discovery and identification from known, unknown or unmonitored assets. It pulls structured data from more than 80 data feeds and overlaid with indicators of compromise and risk to highlight specific threats from external sources targeting a network. As the world becomes more interconnected organizations…
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