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CyberAngel is actually one of several competing packages on the market in the U.S. and Canada that allows a central monitoring station to detect when an unauthorized access to a PC or notebook has taken place, and alerts the owner accordingly.

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The CyberAngel Tracking Software

With seven years behind it, Cyber Angel software has developed into a neat little package, which, apart from its tracking capabilities, also offers a CyberAngel Secured Drive. This requires password authentication but, once in, allows the user to keep all confidential data in total privacy in this protected drive. With on-the-fly encryption, the user does not need to worry about any data being revealed if the laptop falls into the wrong hands, using a choice of encryption algorithms to protect it such as Rijndael - AES 128 or 256 bit encryption, Blowfish 128 or 448 bit, Twofish 128 or 256 bit, Triple DES or DES. The virtual drive created by CyberAngel is accessed with the users password and is supported by 32-bit device drivers for fast access with little or no drop in performance.

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First Look: Cyber Observer

Product: Cyber Observer Company: Cyber Observer Price: Core product is perpetual license – $40,000 and API connectors are annual-subscription based – $8,000 per connector. What it does: Dynamically collects performance data from security technologies and translates it into risk scores What we liked: Direct connectivity (via application program interface) to poll more than 75 industry-leading…
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Cyber-Ark Network Vault

The Cyber-Ark Network Vault is a consistent enterprise solution that has been designed to provide a secure, central repository for the storage and management of sensitive shared documents, as well as administrative or privileged passwords using defense-in-depth.

Product Review

CyberGuard KS1500

The CyberGuard KS1500 packs a comprehensive firewall, redundant power supply and link aggregation options into its 2U height chassis. The second power supply is standard on the unit, but was supplied as an option.

Product Review

Cyber Adversary Characterization

A book about the inner workings of the hacker's mind would not be complete without mentioning the world's most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick. This book does not disappoint in that respect. This book deals with getting inside the mind of a hacker. It a kind of "know your enemy"-type book.

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