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Credential stuffing attacks: What are they and how to combat them

In credential stuffing attacks, threat actors use stolen credentials from one breach to takeover users’ other accounts. This is effective because 65% of people reuse passwords across multiple accounts, according to Google. On some days, these attacks originate from more than 50,000 IP addresses and may account for as much as half of all login attempts using our platform. Even the most mature companies are vulnerable if they don’t have the right preventative measures in place.

Getting the most out of your security tools with automation

In this webcast, Jake Gillen, SOAR Engineer and Julie Rockett, Senior Product Marketing Manager will show you how to coordinate your existing tools to take the ambiguity and inconsistency out of incident response. If you're afraid that full automation is still too risky, we will show you how to pick and choose what to automate and how to maintain comfortable control over your myriad tools. 

Pass your network security compliance audits the first time

Network security policy management is a critical part of achieving compliance. Firewall audits demand documentation of your security policies. Network security teams frequently spend considerable time gathering this information and, in the process, sometimes discovering that policies may be non-compliant. There is a better way that lets you save time and pass your audits the first time.

How to Stop the COVID-19 Phishing Outbreak

Organizations in every industry are seeing a spike in attempts to exploit anxiety about COVID-19 through phishing email and websites that impersonate the CDC, offer vaccines, and prompt users toward the fateful clicks and credential harvesting that lead to malware, ransomware, data theft and rogue financial transactions.
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