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Colleges reopen amid COVID-19 by bolstering security strategies

Colleges and universities around the country face a daunting conundrum as the pandemic continues to make planning an impossible task. There’s no consensus on how to reopen, and each school must create its own rules, all subject to change by the minute. The fall semester will start soon and decisions on how to return are…

AppSec managers are becoming extinct. Get ready to embrace DevSecOps

Security expert Dr. Matias Madou, Ph.D. will demonstrate the changes the industry has faced in the journey from Waterfall to DevSecOps, as well as reveal how AppSec and security awareness professionals can become a powerful piece of the DevSecOps pipeline, nurturing an effective dream team that fights back against cyberattacks and the common vulnerabilities that cause them.

Cyber Criminals Targeting Remote Work to Gain Access to Enterprise Networks and Critical Data

Good threat intelligence can sift through mountains of data collected from sensors across the globe to provide insights into what is happening and what countermeasures need to be in place to defend against a dynamic threat environment. For example, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs just released its latest Global Threat Landscape Report covering the first half of…
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New index shows proactive cybersecurity measures outpaced reactive in Q2

Under pressure, large companies’ cybersecurity forces leaned in, and got the results they intended. Amid the extreme challenges cybersecurity teams experienced in the second quarter of 2020, a newly released business-activity index shows that companies with 500 or more employees in North America and Europe emphasized proactive security measures to protect assets and detect breaches…

Preparing for what’s next: Innovation also brings cybersecurity risk

Today’s CIOs have an unprecedented challenge on their hands. They are spearheading digital transformation efforts, creating revenue-generating applications, enabling remote work and driving seamless customer experiences. This new business environment also created a veritable playground for attackers, making it hard to strike the right balance between innovation and security. Most attacks today follow a similar…
Pompeo in China
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US expands Clean Network to protect COVID-19 vaccine research from China

As concerns mount over China’s efforts to swipe intellectual property from U.S. companies – most recently COVID-19 vaccine research – the State Department has expanded its Clean Network program to protect U.S. critical telecommunications and technology infrastructure. Among the key objectives is to push vaccine research and other sensitive information to secured clouds. The programs…
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More attackers trying to sabotage incident response tactics

The security industry needs to become more clandestine in its approach to incident response, making it harder for attackers to know that they are being tracked. At least that’s what researchers concluded in the fifth installment of VMware Carbon Black’s semi-annual Global Incident Response Threat Report, which also focused heavily on the impact of COVID-19…
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