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Hurricane flags
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Cyber scammers using Hurricane Florence as a hook for malicious emails

Cybercriminals did not even wait for Hurricane Florence to pull out of the Carolinas before attempting to take advantage of not only the storm, but also the good intentions of others looking to help those in need. The National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) has issued a warning for malicious cyber activity centered on…
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APT10 targets Japanese media company with upgraded UPPERCUT

Chinese cyberespionage group APT10 has been targeting Japanese corporations using updated TTPs. In July 2018, the threat group was spotted targeting the Japanese media sector using spearphishing emails containing malicious documents that prompted the installation of the UPPERCUT backdoor, also known as ANEL, according to a Sept. 13 FireEye blog post. The threat actors used…
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Lawmakers introduce Cyber Ready Workforce Act

In an effort to train up the U.S. workforce and close the cyber skills gap, a bipartisan group of lawmakers Thursday unveiled the Cyber Ready Workforce Act. Under the terms of the bill, if passed, the Labor Department would issue grants to competing organizations that develop or expand cybersecurity apprenticeship initiatives.  “The demand for talent in cybersecurity is…
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Canadian town bows to ransomware attack, will pay attackers

The small Canadian town of Midland, Ontario plans to pay off the malicious actors who shut down the municipalities compute system with a ransomware attack on Sept. 1. The town is now negotiating with the attackers, according to a CTV News story, but Midland’s leaders have not released the ransom amount being discussed. The nearby…
With the update, users can employ a patch for a TIFF zero-day.
Security News

Zerodium announced Tor vulnerability on Twitter

The information security firm and exploit vendor Zerodium announced a vulnerability in the Tor browser that could allow an attacker to execute malicious code even if the Javascript-blocking NoScript extension is activated. The vulnerability was referred to as a “backdoor” in a Sept. 10 tweet that read “Advisory: Tor Browser 7.x has a serious vuln/bugdoor…
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Russian man extradited to U.S. for ‘massive’ financial hacking campaign

A Russian man allegedly part of a series of hacks targeting the financial industry and resulting in the theft of data on more than 80 million people, has been extradited from the nation of Georgia to the U.S., the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office said. The 35-year-old Muscovite, Andrei Tyurin, was arrested for his role in…
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LuckyMouse using legitimate security certificate to evade traps

The malicious cyber group LuckyMouse has scurried out of its hole spreading a previously unknown trojan that is particularly dangerous as it uses a legitimate digital certificate developed by a cybersecurity company. Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) reported that in addition to the certificate it also uses a proprietary driver that allows…

Privacy Policy

Last updated April 1, 2020 CyberRisk Alliance holds its readers and customers privacy in the highest regard. It is a core principle of our company. Because of this principle, CyberRisk Alliance believes that you should fully understand the type of information we collect, how it is used and how you can control what information we…
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Justice Dept. charges North Korea spy in Sony, WannaCry attacks

Just hours after President Trump tweeted his thanks to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for his “unwavering faith in President Trump,” the Justice Department charged North Korean spy Park Jin-hyok with computer fraud for the Sony hack and the costly WannaCry 2.0 attack that wreaked havoc around the globe. “The complaint alleges that the North…
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Back to the Basics: The State of Cyber Hygiene in 2018

Tripwire's Tim Erlin chats with InfoSec Insider on the state of cyber hygiene in 2018, where we are, why we're there, and highlights different areas that security practitioners are failing to cover as it relates to securing the business.

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