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Cybersecurity threats and unified communications

Given that businesses and customers are constantly working to become more connected and digital-first, there is a paramount need for them to protect their cyber assets and personal information as a result. Analysts estimate that by 2020, 60 percent of all enterprises will be the victims of a major cybersecurity breach. As reported by Cybersecurity…
APTs/cyberespionage, Security News

Elfin, aka APT33, targets U.S., Saudi Arabian firms in cyberespionage campaign

The cyberespionage group Elfin, aka APT33, has launched a heavily targeted campaign against multiple organization in Saudi Arabia and the United States. Researchers said the most recent targets include major corporations and despite 42 percent of observed attacks focusing heavily on Saudi Arabia. The U.S. has also been an area of interest for the group…
Security News

New Data shines light into Lazarus group’s Operation Sharpshooter campaign

North Korean hacking Lazarus Group’s Operation Sharpshooter campaign, used “extremely convincing” job recruitment emails to target defense, government, finance, energy and critical infrastructure organizations across the world, according to McAfee researchers. An unnamed government entity familiar with the malware campaign provided code and data from a command-and-control server responsible for the management of the operations,…
Layering EMV chip, tokenization, encryption bolsters card payment security
Security News

Chip and PIN protections may fall short as future threats materialize

The protections that chip and PIN payment card solutions offer may fall short as cybercriminals begin installing command-and-control malware on infected EMV device readers, a new report warns. Cybercriminals could begin repurposing ATM EMV malware to attack retail environments by infecting point-of-sale (POS) machines (possibly via malicious USB drives) and then introducing an altered EMV…
Malware, Security News

TEMP.MixMaster group infects with Trickbot and delayed Ryuk ransomware combo

Financially motivated threat actors,referred to as TEMP.MixMaster, are infecting victims with Trickbot malware before deploying the infamous Ryuk ransomware and so far have managed to make off with a reported $3.7 million worth of Bitcoin. The attacks are also unique as the threat actors often wait for extended periods after gaining access, often profiting from…
Cybercrime, Government/Defense, Security News

FBI shuts down 15 DDoS-for-hire “booter” sites

The FBI seized 15 internet domains associated with DDoS-for-hire services and announced criminal charges against three individuals charged with operating the platforms. On Dec. 19 the FBI seized the domains of 15 “booter” services, named as such because they result in “booting” or dropping the targeted sites from the internet, that allowed paying users to…
Security News

2018 Top Cyberthreats

It was clear it was going to be an intense year the cybersecurity industry when, just days after ringing in 2018, researchers announced a vulnerability found in essentially all CPU processors made over the previous two decades. From there, things only got busier, with news of Russian exploits, new ransomware families and much, much more.…
Cybercrime, Data Breach, Malware, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Securing Middle America: small towns more at risk of ransomware, phishing and more

Cybersecurity firms may be leaving money on the table chasing big fish in the form of large enterprise deals, while smaller local government entities go unprotected. While cyberattacks target entities of all sizes in both the public and private sector, small towns can find themselves especially vulnerable as the result of a lack of funds…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Precision agriculture advancement offers large attack surface, DHS report

Advancements in precision agriculture, a farming management concept that incorporates internet of things (IoT) technology into farming techniques, has expanded the industries cyberattack surface, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report addressing the threats to new precision agriculture technologies used in crop and livestock production that could allow an attacker access to sensitive data…
Chinese intelligence agents indicted for stealing jet engine plans.
Government/Defense, Malware, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Decline in Chinese cyberattacks against U.S. suggests attacks getting more efficient

Trump might still be blaming China for interfering with U.S. elections at the UN, but there are other issues he should be worried about concerning cyberattacks in the private sectors. Three years after the signing of the U.S.-China cyber pact, which intended to curb cyberattacks concerning intellectual property, researchers at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute found…
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