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Security News

Microsoft torpedoes Citadel botnet infrastructure

What's becoming old hat for Microsoft, the software behemoth has led another successful dismantling of a botnet network. But if history is any guide, this doesn't mean the banking trojan Citadel is extinguished for good.
Security News

Microsoft, Symantec team up to smash click-fraud botnet

Microsoft, in partnership with security firm Symantec, announced Wednesday that it has disrupted the Bamital botnet, known for rerouting victim machines to websites, online advertisements and links of the attackers' choosing.
Security News

Wall Street Journal also a victim of espionage

Less than a day after The New York Times revealed that its reporters were targeted by Chinese hackers, The Wall Street Journal disclosed on Thursday that its systems were also breached by attackers from China wanting to observe the newspaper's coverage of the country.
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