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What pill can I take for cyber insecurity?

Ahhhhh, the internet. We are hooked, and we better be prepared for the consequences. Real dollars are being lost, identities are being stolen, botnets are running rampant, consumer ATM cards are being compromised, spam is jamming our inboxes, the press is reporting stories that contribute to consumer cyber fears, and mankind again finds itself waging a protracted war — this time against internet insecurity.
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Preempting today’s cyberattacks

Despite the efforts of many technology companies to make networks and products more secure, the number of vulnerabilities found on computer systems has proliferated in the five years since September 11, 2001. According to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordination Center, the number of known vulnerabilities climbed from roughly 2,000 in 2001 to nearly 6,000 in 2005.

Diversity and AI

I recently underwent spinal fusion surgery and I can’t help but be disappointed that AI-powered nanobots are not yet a thing when it comes to some medical treatments. I remember fondly in my youth promises that machines and AI-powered technologies would change the world in my lifetime. After all, having expertly trained microscopic bio-bots rebuilding…
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Meet your attackers on their own own turf

There's plenty of talk today about perimeter security strategies. Protecting the perimeter with multilayered security. Identifying the perimeter. The latest buzz on firewalls. Zero-day attacks. Worm storms. Security toolkits with the latest intrusion detection tools. Secure software applications.

USB devices — the lean, mean and portable threat

The hotel you're staying in is great. It even has a computer center for you to surf the internet or tweak the last of the network diagrams for your meeting in the morning. You open the document on your USB pen drive and within minutes you've completed what you deem to be absolute perfection. A quick print and a save and you're done for the night.
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