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Build security by expanding cyber awareness

Governments and intelligence agencies are engaged in cyberwarfare on an epic scale. As issues discussed on the internet are frequently amplified in the media by organizations with vested interests, it’s become daunting for security pros to unravel the complex and constantly changing web of online allegiances. All this noise offers the perfect cover for cybercriminals,…
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With compliance on the mind, corporate boards up cyber investments

Despite the pandemic, boards are increasing investment in security, and organizations expect their security budgets to expand over the next year. Of the 900 global chief information security officers and information technology decision-makers tapped for Thycotic’s CISO Decisions survey, 77 percent said their boards have okayed investment in new security projects. The sentiment is driven…

Nudging your employees towards better cyber hygiene

It’s no coincidence that cybersecurity terminology borrows heavily from medicine: bugs, immunity, infections, and viruses. And, as we all know, based on the advice of washing our hands for the umpteenth time and singing “Happy Birthday” twice, prevention often works better than a cure. In cybersecurity, as in medicine, achieving good outcomes requires as many people…
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$1M Cyber Resiliency Fund launched to support security operations impacted by pandemic

New York, NY, October 19, 2020 – Cybersecurity Collaborative, a membership organization for senior cybersecurity leaders to share expertise and work together on complex enterprise security challenges, alongside parent company CyberRisk Alliance, today announced the creation of a $1M fund to assist organizations whose cybersecurity resources have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The fund…

Close the cybersecurity workforce gap with better skills assessments

The rapid increase in global demand for skilled cybersecurity practitioners presents many similarities in the medical field a century ago when illnesses, treatments, and medical procedures evolved faster than training and education for practitioners. Unlike the medical community 100 years ago, today the cyber industry has access to numerous technologies that can fast-track educating, training,…
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State CIOs face same cyber issues as corporate peers, with budget constraints

States must focus more on digital modernization and improve the role of CISOs, and the cyber issues they face mirror those of broad array of industries. The top barriers state CIOs face sound eerily familiar: lack of sufficient or dedicated cybersecurity budget, inadequate cybersecurity staffing and availability of cybersecurity professionals, and legacy infrastructure and solutions…
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Cyber Solarium Commission lays out plan to secure supply chain

Over the past two decades, China has mobilized state-owned and state-influenced companies to dominate several emerging markets, especially for 5G telecommunications equipment, according to a report from the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) The 50-page report, a follow-up to its March 2020 report, focuses on creating a supply chain strategy for information and communications technologies…
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