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Reboot 2016 - Weirdest News

Five cyber films of 2016

Zero Days – Documentarian Alex Gibney offers a chilling account of the Stuxnet worm attack that temporarily sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program, but also may have opened a Pandora’s box, paving the way for future nation-sponsored cyberattacks against critical infrastructure. Snowden – Director Oliver Stone and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt combine forces to portray the life of…
RSA 2018

Should the U.S. treat Russian hacking networks like ISIS?

Current tactics to discourage rogue nation-states from engaging in malicious cyber behavior are failing, and could necessitate more drastic actions, according to experts speaking at an RSA 2018 panel session on Tuesday. Options floated during the session, which addressed the evolution of nation-state cyber norms, included appealing to the United Nations’ Security Council to impose…

Pro-ISIS hackers threaten to launch cyberattack on Dec. 8

Pro-ISIS hackers have reportedly posted a video threatening to launch a global cyberattack on government, military, and corporate websites on Friday, Dec. 8 – with the U.S. as its first target. “We will face you with a massive cyber war,” warns the group, known as the Electronic Ghosts of the Caliphate or Caliphate Cyber Ghosts,…
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