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Def Con Voting Village report issued, paper ballots and more funding recommended

Default root passwords, Italian food, lock picks, inexpensive adapters and the use of very old operating systems were among the many issues found that made the election machines tested at Def Con 26’s Voting Village susceptible to being hacked. These were the findings of the just issued Def Con 26 Voting Village report whose writers…
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The lowdown on LoJax: Researchers detect a UEFI rootkit in the wild

The Russian APT group Sednit (aka Fancy Bear and APT28) is strongly suspected to be the culprit behind a new rootkit malware program that can survive on an infected machine even if the operating system is reinstalled and the hard drive is replaced. ESET researchers who discovered the rootkit say this is the first time…
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Cyber Reflection: Real-World Events & New Era of Risk

By Kirill Kasavchenko In an increasingly politically and economically volatile landscape, cybercrime has become the new geopolitical tool. Attacks on political websites and critical national infrastructure services are ever more frequent not only due to the ease of launching but also due to desire and capabilities of attackers to impact on real-world events such as election…
Chinese intelligence agents indicted for stealing jet engine plans.
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Decline in Chinese cyberattacks against U.S. suggests attacks getting more efficient

Trump might still be blaming China for interfering with U.S. elections at the UN, but there are other issues he should be worried about concerning cyberattacks in the private sectors. Three years after the signing of the U.S.-China cyber pact, which intended to curb cyberattacks concerning intellectual property, researchers at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute found…
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Pair of surveys underscore importance of secure PKI in government, IoT

Both the federal government and Internet of Things manufacturers are facing key challenges and opportunities in regards to implementing secure Public Key Infrastructure practices for digital certificate management and encryption, according to a pair of newly published research reports. The first report, from machine identity protection company Venafi, reveals data compiled from a survey of 100 federal…
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Seven additional modules make Fancy Bear’s VPNFilter malware even more versatile

Researchers have discovered seven additional third-stage modules in the VPNFilter malware that has been infecting hundreds of thousands of global networking devices in Ukraine and around the world since at least 2016. Believed to be the creation of Russian APT group Fancy Bear, VPNFilter remains a credible threat, despite recent efforts taken to expose the…
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Hide and seek Iot botnet updates include new Android ADB exploit

The Hide and Seek botnet has been updated to deliver new command injection exploits in a device’s web interface. The variants exploit the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) over Wi-Fi feature in Android devices, a features that is normally used for trouble shooting, according to a Sept. 26 Bitdefender blog post. Despite the feature usually being…
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Kansas City Chiefs have best cyber defense in the NFL

Coming off their win against the San Francisco 49ers and capping a three-game winning streak that places them at number one in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs also scored a win with the number one defense in the National Football League (NFL) when it comes to cybersecurity, according to Panoray’s recent study. Researchers performed…
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Data Protection, Security and Shared Responsibility: What You Need to Know about Amazon Web Services

By Joe Merces So you’ve moved your infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services cloud. What a relief, right? No more worries about the security of your critical applications and data. And disaster recovery should be a (relative) breeze. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The world was different only 10 years ago. Back then, disaster recovery…
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