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Still growing after 30 years

This year has proven to be one of continued personal and professional growth for many industry friends, colleagues and me. Yet, even with the positives faced this year, there have been some of those opposing negatives. No wonder, then, there are those among us who might be just about done with 2019.    After all, cyberattackers kicked of…
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Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the financial services industry

Universally, consumers and small and large businesses alike, are increasingly aware of the well-established fact that cybercrime is on the rise. Last year, 4iQ discovered nearly 15 billion identity records that had been stolen from companies and were circulating the deep and dark web, including 3.6 billion new and verified records. There were also over…
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A cautious embrace of Pollyanna

For quite some time, the number of women in the cybersecurity industry has hovered around 11 percent of the overall workforce. However, recent statistics show a modest uptick with the number now estimated to be about 24 percent − a bit of heartening progress. Some other interesting trends are emerging, which we explore further in…
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A v-CISO’s Take on the 5 Issues Facing Cybersecurity

There’s a quiet shift going on in the business community, one that has the potential of tipping the scales against cyber criminals; and it has nothing to do with AI, machine learning or any other shiny, new technology. I am referring to the rise of the v-CISO, or virtual chief information security officer. Much like…
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Here we are on the cusp of 30

Here we are, another year almost wrapped and I’m starting to rethink whether I’ve chosen the right profession. What’s set me on this path is a recent study I’ve been mulling, which basically reveals that cybercrime is, like, the hottest industry for career-minded professionals looking for lucrative occupations that could make them millions of dollars…
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2019: The year of GDPR, CCPA: Brian Vecci

Now that we’re six months past the GDPR deadline, and almost a year away from the California Consumer Privacy Act, I’m still surprised to meet companies taking a wait-and-see approach to compliance. Rather than take action and adhere to the latest data privacy and protection standards, they are willing to wait until they see the…
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Automated Analysis: Answering the call for improved security in connected devices

By Brian Russell, advisor, VDOO The line between physical and digital has blurred. Cyberattacks against digital assets have an effect on the physical world and increase risk exposure for both manufacturers and implementers. Security incidents such as the VPNFilter attack on the only Ukrainian chlorine plant for water treatment or the discovered vulnerabilities on police…
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Data Breaches Caused by Misconfigured Servers

Misconfigured server infrastructure is often considered one of the most significant causes of data breaches within the IT industry. This human error phenomenon is usually unintentional, but it can have catastrophic consequences regarding the exposure of sensitive personal information as well as potentially damaging the reputation of your business. Data breaches have gathered a lot…
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Three ways the marriage of SOAR and email security can benefit SOC and security teams

By Eyal Benishti, founder & CEO, IRONSCALES As email attacks grow more frequent and complex, organizations are scrambling for new ways to reduce risk and better detect and remediate threats. Today, many SOC and IT security teams are burdened with so many alarms that they can no longer keep pace with manual methods of email…
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Cryptojacking: Defending against the latest pernicious cyberthreat

By David Cramer, President of Digital Service Operations (DSO) at BMC Mining for digital currency can be a profitable business, but it requires a lot of computing power. That’s why criminal hackers have been breaking into corporate networks and hijacking servers to run cryptomining software. Enterprises need to defend themselves against this pernicious new threat,…
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