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Inglis confirmed as first national cyber director

Inglis will be tasked with making sure all the federal agencies operate from a coherent cyber policy. It is a juiced-up, Senate-confirmed, mandated-by-law version of the White House cyber coordinator position that President Donald Trump eliminated.
APTs/cyberespionage, Government/Defense, Security News

How far apart are the US and Russia from agreeing to cyber rules?

Harvard's Belfer Center on Friday published a unique paper where U.S. and Russian researchers separately explained their nation's perspective on a potential negotiation, what both sides actually want, and what would benefit both sides. SC Media spoke to one of the featured researchers.
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Cyber nominees try to define their roles, and what that may mean for private sector partnership

National cyber director nominee, Chris Inglis, pointed to three ways that more widespread adoption of cyber best practices could take hold: "One is enlightened self interest; that's apparently not working. The second is market forces; that's apparently not working. And the third is some imposition of standards or regulation on top of that."
Ransomware, Security News

Colonial CEO touts corporate cyber transparency, defends his own

The hearing touched on the internal and external debates that face most executives during a crippling cyberattack: How fast should a company act, and what decisions should be made internally versus in consultation with external advisers or the federal government.
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Feds recover $2.3 million from Colonial Pipeline ransom

The announcement is compelling, as the public and private sector alike struggle to manage the response to a recent surge of ransomware attacks. More frequent recovery of funds after a ransom payment could shift the risk dynamic associated with these attacks for the business community, while also removing the financial incentive for attackers.
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