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Socioeconomic status and cyber: the new ‘digital divide’

In part one of a two-part series, SC Media examines how businesses and institutions in poorer or underserved regions may be less equipped to fight off cyberattacks than their well-funded counterparts in affluent cities.
White House unveils initiatives to combat botnets
Government, Government/Defense, Security News

White House touts release of National Cyber Strategy

Eager to demonstrate a commitment to cybersecurity amidst criticisms over vulnerable election infrastructure, the White House yesterday unveiled its National Cyber Strategy. The plan is divided four “pillars” of strategy: protecting the homeland by fighting cybercrime and fortifying defenses, promoting American prosperity by adding cyber jobs and defending intellectual property, preserving peace through strength by…
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NYC announces ambitious cyber innovation and jobs initiative

New York City officials today announced CyberNYC, a multimillion-dollar initiative to turn the Big Apple into a major cybersecurity destination for technologists, enterpreneurs and job seekers in the coming years. Plans include the opening of a Global Cyber Center for innovation and the city’s first international cybersecurity investment hub, as well as a series of…
Government, Government/Defense, Network Security, Research, Security News

IT pros dubious of government officials’ cyber knowledge

A newly released survey of 515 IT security professionals is giving government officials a no-confidence vote in terms of their ability to understand digital threats, practice cyber hygiene and legislate encryption policies. Conducted during last August’s 2018 Black Hat cybersecurity conference by researchers at Venafi, the survey found that 63 percent of respondents believe government…
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DHS algorithm to assess federal agencies’ cyber posture

Federal agencies are reportedly feeding data into a special algorithm introduced by the  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to assess their cyber posture scores. This Agency-Wide Adaptive Risk Enumeration (AWARE) algorithm should go into full production by fiscal year 2020, news outlet GCN reported yesterday, citing a public presentation yesterday by DHS Continuous…
"Aaron's Law," to amend the CFAA, introduced in Congress
Government, Government/Defense, Security News

U.S. House passes bill that would require DHS to maintain cyber hunt, IR teams

The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed its own version of the DHS Cyber Incident Response Teams Act of 2019, which would require the Department of Homeland Security to permanently maintain cyber hunt and incident response teams that help prevent and mitigate attacks on federal agencies and the private sector. Designated H.R.1158, the bill serves…
Following cyber order from Obama, CISPA is back
Government, Government/Defense, Security News

Lawmakers advance bills that would add to DHS’ cyber responsibilities

The U.S. Senate last week passed a bill requiring the Department of Homeland Security to maintain cyber hunt and incident response teams, while the House passed one that instructs DHS to share protocols for mitigating cyber vulnerabilities. The Senate bill, S.315, aka the DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Teams Act of 2019, passed by…
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U.S. offers up to $5M for info on North Korean cyber activity

Four U.S. federal agencies on Wednesday jointly issued an advisory that warns of ongoing North Korea-sponsored cyberthreat operations, and offers a reward of up to $5 million for information on such operations. The communication, issued by the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department and the FBI, details the Democratic People’s Republic…
Government, Government/Defense, Network Security, Patch Management, Security News, Vulnerabilities

DHS reduces deadline for agencies to fix vulnerabilities in their systems

The Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Monday issued a directive that now gives federal agencies a 15-day deadline to remediate critical-level vulnerabilities that are detected on their internet-accessible systems by CISA’s Cyber Hygiene scanning service. Binding Operational Directive 19-02 supersedes BOD 15-01, which when enacted in 2015 gave…
The car hacking talks will cover findings involving controller area networks (CAN) and automobiles.
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Government/Defense, Security News

Cyberattackers taking auto industry for a ride, FBI reportedly warns

Malicious attackers have notably stepped up attacks on the U.S. auto industry since late year, hitting car manufacturers with ransomware, compromising their systems, and exfiltrating their data, the FBI reportedly warned this week. CNN on Wednesday reported that the FBI alert came in the form of a private bulletin sent to a select group of…
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