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Data Breach

Chili’s got data breached, data breached, data breached

Chili’s is informing its customers that between March and April 2018 payment card information was compromised at some of its 1,600 locations and industry execs are giving the restaurant chain props for quickly coming forward once the breach was discovered. The restaurant chain learned of the breach on May 11 and has since determined that…
February 2009: Getting PCI compliant
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How Data Breaches Happen

Everyone knows that data breaches can happen anywhere at any time. But what is far less understood is why data breaches happen and what can be done to prevent them. This webcast answers these three questions. It discusses the most common causes of data breaches and illustrates each cause to show how breaches can occur in multiple ways. Finally, it will show how Symantec is helping customers around the world prevent these data breaches and what steps you can take to protect your organization.