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Using security orchestration to simplify IoT defense in depth

Even as the technology industry continues to scramble to protect personal computers, datacenters and other traditional IT systems from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, a new attack target has emerged – the Internet of Things (IoT). To protect their IoT applications from attack, organizations are working to adopt for the IoT the same cybersecurity strategy which has…
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With election on horizon, U.K.’s Labour Party contends with DDoS attacks

The U.K. Labour Party’s digital platforms have been the target of distributed denial of service attack activity since yesterday, impeding access to the political body’s main website. The initial wave of DDoS attacks took place on Nov. 11. Multiple news reports today quoted a Labour Party spokesperson as saying that the barrage of fake traffic…
Cybercrime, IoT, Malware, Security News

Gafgyt variant exploits 3 devices to target game servers with DDoS attacks

Researchers have uncovered a new variant of Gafgyt malware (aka BASHLITE) that infects home and small-office routers and networking equipment in order to recruit them into a botnet that bombards gaming servers with distributed denial of service attacks. One of its attacks involves a payload is specifically designed to attack servers running Valve Corporation’s Source…
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DDoS attackers claim to be Russian APT group, demand ransom

A group of extortionists claiming to be the Russian APT group Fancy Bear launched a ransom denial of service (RDoS) campaign against numerous industry sectors earlier this month, demanding a payment of 2 Bitcoin to stop bombarding victims with amplified traffic. In all likelihood, the attackers are not truly members of a Russian intelligence agency’s…
Cybercrime, Security News, Web Services Security, E-Commerce Security

DDoS attack sidelines AWS DNS web service for hours

Amazon Web Services’ Router 53 domain name system (DNS) service was waylaid by a prolonged distributed denial of service attack earlier this week, affecting a number of online sites and services that rely on AWS. According to multiple reports, a flood of fake traffic disrupted legitimate attempts to resolve DNS requests to connect to Amazon…
Cybercrime, Gaming, Network Security, Security News

Attackers leveraging WS-Discovery protocol to amplify attacks

A recently discovered distributed denial of service technique that abuses the Web Services Dynamic Discovery specification is being executed in the wild by multiple threat actors to amplify the effects of their attacks, researchers have warned. The technique is a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Amplification technique that involves spoofing requests to the WS-Discovery service. WS-Discovery…
RCE bug found in platform that powers Wikipedia, other "Wiki" sites
cyberattack, Security News

Wikipedia knocked offline by DDoS attack

Wikipedia was hit late last week with a sustained DDoS attack knocking it offline in many parts of the world. Wikipedia’s parent organization Wikimedia posted a statement on Sept. 7 saying it was under attack and working to return to normal operations, but posted on Twitter on Sept. 6 that it was suffering intermittent outages.…
Alleged Anonymous members indicted last Thursday led unassuming lives
Cybercrime, Research, Security News

Research: Hacktivism activity and chatter has markedly dropped since 2016

After peaking in 2016, the number of active hacktivist groups have since dipped precipitously, as has overall online chatter regarding hacktivism, according to a new report from researchers at Recorded Future. Furthermore, the researchers found a marked reduction in the frequency of large-scale international hacktivism campaigns. Members of the company’s Insikt Group team theorize that…
IoT, Research, Security News

Lack of cyber investment could spell trouble for smart cities: report

A lack of investment in cybersecurity protections could imperil the future of smart cities and the Internet of Things devices on which they run, a new report from ABI Research warns. ABI anticipates there will be 1.3 billion wide-area network smart city connections by the year 2024. Of the $135 billion projected to be invested…
Malware, Security News

Mirai, Neko and Bashlite variants unleashed

Starting in mid-July new variants of Mirai, Bashlite and Neko began appearing in honeypots, all of which are designed to assemble botnets capable of launching DDoS attacks. Trend Micro came across the first variant, based on Neko, on July 22 capable of brute forcing weak credentials and then unleashing a very capable set of malware…
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