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Modular backdoor sneaked into video game developers’ servers

A suspected Chinese APT group used a newly discovered modular backdoor to infect at least one video game developer’s build orchestration server and at least one other company’s game servers, researchers have reported. Although these attacks appear to have taken place prior to March, such incidents are now more important than ever to detect and…
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Alleged Collection 1 hacker nabbed; ransomware campaign targeting hospitals disrupted

The Ukrainian Secret Service on Tuesday announced the arrest of a man who they say is the hacker who amassed hundreds of millions of stolen credentials and then used an internet message board to announce their availability as a data set known as Collection 1. And in another significant win for law enforcement officials, Romania…
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Free cybersecurity tools coming online to protect WFH staffers

Several cybersecurity firms are going the extra mile to help customers set up a safe environment for their telecommuting workforce. The new reality of having the majority of a businesses workforce working from home has opened a Pandora’ Box or cybersecurity issues for these organizations. A recent poll of UK companies by the private equity…
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IoT proliferation and widespread 5G: A perfect botnet storm

By now, we’ve heard the many promises of the 5G era. Organizations across industries are poised to take advantage of the enhancements 5G will bring to boost their products and services in ways that were difficult or expensive to achieve using 4G networks. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big part of this shift,…
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2020 Vision: Cybersecurity through a business lens

Over the coming years organizations will experience growing disruption as threats from the digital world have an impact on the physical. Invasive technologies will be adopted across both industry and consumer markets, creating an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable security environment. The requirement for a flexible approach to security and increased resilience will be crucial as…
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Hijacked routers and attempted WHO hack highlight latest COVID-19 attacks

Businesses remain closed in many major cities around the world as the coronavirus pandemic rages, but cybercriminals are still open for business, as they continue to use the crisis to serve their nefarious purposes. Today’s latest round-up of coronavirus threats includes a reported hacking attempt against the World Health Organization, a DNS hijacking attack designed…
FSB headquarters Lubyanka Square Moscow
APTs/cyberespionage, Data Breach, Security News

FSB contractor breach exposes secret cyber weapons program leveraging IoT vulnerabilities

The hack of an FSB contractor has exposed details of the Russian intelligence agency’s cyber weapons program aimed at exploiting vulnerabilities in IoT devices. Digital Revolution, a Russian hacking group, has claimed credit for the April 2019 breach of subcontractor ODT (Oday) LLC, which was working with frequent Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs contractor InformInvestGroup…
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Mirai variant Mukashi searching out Zixel NAS devices

The new Mirai variant Mukashi is targeting Zyxel network attached storage (NAS) devices using brute force attacks based on the default admin credentials and then exploiting CVE-2020-9054. Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 said almost all Zyxel NAS products running firmware versions up to 5.21 are susceptible. CVE-2020-9054 is a pre-authentication command injection vulnerability, which may…
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COVID-19 decoy doc, Cloudflare service used to spread ‘BlackWater’ malware

Researchers have uncovered a new malware campaign that uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a lure, and also abuses platform-as-a-service web infrastructure tools to apparently thwart attempts at blocking command-and-control communications. Dubbed BlackWater, the backdoor malware specifically takes advantage of Cloudflare Workers — an offering of Cloudflare, a popular provider of website operators with content delivery…
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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – key points for early adopters

Last year Gartner introduced the term Secure Access Service Edge or SASE in their technology hype cycle and almost immediately it grabbed enormous attention from the vendors and enterprise consumers. Existing and new technology players already started highlighting the benefits of SASE and marketing their offering to attract customers. But what is this SASE? Why…
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