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Application isolation and virtualization provide a false sense of cybersecurity – It’s time for a better solution

A recently discovered critical vulnerability presents yet another case study for the shortcomings of the isolation/virtual machine model for cybersecurity. The vulnerability, CVE-2019-14378, has a severity of 8.8, and was first published in the National Vulnerability Database on July 29th, 2019. The vulnerability affects QEMU, the popular open source machine emulator and virtualizer. Short for…
Director's Cut Videos

Evolving DNS attacks

In this video, Jesper Andersen, CEO and president at Infoblox, chats with SC Magazine Senior Reporter Danielle Walker to discuss this threat and ways to defend against it.
2015 DDoS ebook

2015 DDoS ebook

They are brutal, in-your-face power invasions designed to overwhelm servers and bring networked systems down without any nuance or surreptitiousness. This latest ebook explores the newest iterations of this scourge and how best to defend against them.
Daniel Shugrue, director of product marketing, Akamai
Network Defense Resource Center

Cloud security: An oxymoron?

The question of whether to move data, infrastructure, and web sites to the cloud is often marked by indecision.  The acknowledged benefits – cost and time savings – are carefully weighed against perceived risks – loss of control or security.    Those who choose to move data or applications to the cloud are sometimes seen…
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