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Accidental Airbnb account takeover linked to recycled phone numbers

As it turns out, websites and apps have experienced this commonplace problem for years, and companies could find themselves in violation of data security standards if users' information were to be exposed.

Colleges reopen amid COVID-19 by bolstering security strategies

Colleges and universities around the country face a daunting conundrum as the pandemic continues to make planning an impossible task. There’s no consensus on how to reopen, and each school must create its own rules, all subject to change by the minute. The fall semester will start soon and decisions on how to return are…
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PonyFinal deployed in human-operated ransomware attacks

Microsoft told organizations Wednesday to focus less on the payload of Java-based ransomware PonyFinal and instead key “more on how it’s delivered” via human-operated ransomware attacks. “PonyFinal is at the tail end of protracted human-operated ransomware campaigns that are known to stay dormant and wait for the most opportune time to deploy the payload,” Microsoft…
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Shade ransomware gang gives up keys, apologizes to victims

The malicious actors behind Shade ransomware made an unusual announcement on GitHub, not only publishing all 750,000 decryptor keys for the malware but apologizing for their criminal actions. “We are the team which created a trojan-encryptor mostly known as Shade, Troldesh or Encoder.858. In fact, we stopped its distribution in the end of 2019.” the…
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A 10-point plan for securing remote workers

Globally, more and more organizations are beginning to enforce work from home policies for employees and contractors. Opening up this kind of remote access for employees and contractors across all departments is new for many organizations. While several organizations have remote access for their IT support personnel, allowing access for all major departments, including core…
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OurMine hackers intercept NFL teams’ social media accounts

Over a dozen NFL teams may want to consider hiring a cyber defensive coordinator after their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts were reportedly hijacked and defaced on Sunday and Monday by the mischievous OurMine hacker group, which has emerged from hibernation. According to multiple news sources, the hackers compromised the NFL’s league Twitter and Facebook…
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Marrying VDI and security: Choose the right tools, not more tools

Virtualization has long been perceived as the holy grail of business agility, simplified management, return on investment, and even security. While the benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are undeniable, the security aspect is, unfortunately, a myth. The security aspect of VDI is not only misunderstood, it is also often perceived as a drag on…
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