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CenterTools DriveLock v7.3

DriveLock offers dynamic, configurable access control for mobile drives, such as floppy disk drives, CD-ROM drives and USB memory sticks.
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When old computers reach the end of their useful life within an organisation, many an IT professional immediately has thoughts of charity on their mind and donating an old computer means someone else can use it to gain skills or keep in contact with the outside world.

However, this is not without its problems. No-one in their right mind would donate the CEO's old desktop without deleting important data such as financial records or confidential emails. Reformatting the disk does not erase this data permanently.


Drive-by pharming

What is it?Drive-by Pharming is the compromise of a network broadband router that alters the DNS server settings to direct users to the DNS servers of an attacker. How does it work?There are two basic methods. The first is for an attacker to trick a user into clicking a web link that directs them to a…
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DriveLock from CenterTools provides a full set of endpoint security features.
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ProtectDrive encrypts disk drives, either wholly or in part, an approach that may well appeal to organizations or government agencies which run a fleet of laptops, or have multi-user access to fixed workstations. In such cases, concerns about data being misappropriated from the disk drives, should they fall into the wrong hands, can be very real.
Roland Cloutier, CSO, ADP

Driving the mission forward

The needs of the organizations we protect are complex and the response required due to the criticality of the services we provide tends to put our multi-faceted operations in a state of flux, says Roland Cloutier, CSO, ADP.
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VME BioDrive

An ingenious little device from Meganet Corporation to enable secure portable data storage, the USB token incorporates a fingerprint biometric sensor and a simple interface of 3 LEDs to inform the user of status.

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SafeNet ProtectDrive

SafeNet ProtectDrive offers a full, integrated set of encryption features to protect data across the enterprise.
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